I'm looking for a set of OEM slush mats for my 1999 SLT+, I have all 3 rows right now but the 2nd row is Mist Gray and it drives me nuts, I found a Mopar Data Book from 2001 with the part numbers but that does no good even on Ebay. Some girl was selling them on Facebook marketplace without knowing what they were and blew off my messages before claiming they were sold, that's how I have a picture

I'm also looking for some any other rarities out of the accessories catalog, even if I'm not gonna use them, I want them. I think Indy might have them stashed in his treasure trove of parts, if he reads this, I'm a huge fan, I have a Bright Platinum Metallic D as well. Notable parts I was able to find in junkyards were the Sarona spoiler, the OEM door sill guards for all 4 doors, OEM mats for all 3 rows and the cargo space, and the 3 rows of OEM slush mats. Even if mismatched colors