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I'm cleaning up a 2007 Dodge Durango SXT
I don't think it matters for this, but it is a "Pursuit" (model variation/package for use as a police vehicle). It has a headlight flasher module, but no strobe unless it is built into the main bulb.

Headlights were cloudy, and I'm going to try to polish, before replacing.
Removing the headlight a part broke, much of the plastic is brittle.

A white plastic "socket" that the pin (with ball end) on the back of the headlight assembly fits into, to hold it in place along with two bolts.
While it is mounted in place, it looks like a one inch circle with a 3/8" hole (socket) in the middle. Pushes into place, then is held in with fins.
I will add a picture if needed.

Any help with a part number or the actual name is greatly appreciated. Of course an idea or link of where to find it gets bonus points.
I will probably just use silicon caulk to hold it in place if I can't replace, unless someone has a better idea. Also thought trying to find a removable rivet of similar size.
I have spent hours looking at parts diagrams, headlight parts for sale, forums, manuals... I've seen it in some but have yet to find anything where anyone identifies it specifically or even acknowledges it.

I have enjoyed searching/reading the forums here for help on other things I have been doing, but this is my first post.
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