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What did you do to your Durango today?

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Here's a thread that I see on a lot of car forums that is pretty fun to look through.

So, what did you do today? It can be anything from a fresh wash to ordering new parts!

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Blacktopped my Limited

What tire size is that? And did you need to use spacers to get the older Rubicon wheels to clear the brakes? What brand spacers did you use?
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77 degrees in January and yes it's time for a bath. View attachment 49801
That looks fantastic. Which reps are they (and what size/offset)?
Thank you. They are 20x9 with the factory Goodyears. It's been a while since we put them on but I bought them thru Vitorre wheel and tire in Asheboro NC. They have an EBay link for the exact wheel
4 NEW JEEP SRT8 20" Wheels Hyper Silver OE 20x9 5x127 Grand Cherokee | eBay
Perfect! Those are just the ones I was looking to get. Stock RT suspension? My citadel sits a little higher, so I may run a slightly larger tire.
The inlet air temp sensor wire is pretty tight, but should be ok.

What the heck are all the compartments in the stock airbox / tubing for?
Sound management. Just a whole bunch of helmholtz resonators.
Got my brake install done today. Added Brembo calipers, R1 Concepts premiere micro slotted rotors, semi-metallic (front) and ceramic (rear) pads, and Rotora SS brake lines. View attachment 50874
What did the rotors and brake lines set you back? I'm getting ready to piece together the setup for my '14.
The rotors were bought during their holiday sale. Bought them and the pads for under $700, after paying CA sales tax, but shipping was free. The brake lines were also discounted. I got them from Black Ops Autoworks for $115, after paying shipping. They are on their website for $185, but I did a deal when I bought the used Brembo calipers from him too. All done, including install, was about $2,200. That doesn't include the $685 for the reproduction SRT Spider Monkey wheels and mounting / balancing my existing Falken tires.
Thanks for the info! Brake lines are just SRT8 Grand Cherokee lines, right?
Put a K&N Cold Air intake into my new 2017 DD GT AWD. All I can say is wow. I am left speechless with the way this engine opened up. Slight difference in throttle response if any. The throaty sound is what left me stunned. I never thought a stock engine with just one CAI can come alive as much as mine has. No MPG gains since I've been having too much fun since installation. Unsure of what mod I want next. BTW the AWD GT gas mileage BLOWS. I'm currently getting 10.5 city and I only drive a mile to and from work. Haven't been hard on the gas(until the intake). Weird but I hope it gets better sooner than later. I would expect that from a thirsty Hemi V-8, but not this 3.6.
Almost definitely due to your short commute and the truck not getting fully warmed up. For comparison, our Hemi doesn't even get mileage that bad.
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What did I do today? Took my new son home from the hospital.
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Have a Ram 1500 that suffered lifter failure and while it was in the shop needed to tow my race car around and have a newborn so got rid of my 300c Hemi for a 15 RT.

Went to work installing:
Factory Tow Hitch (Curt Hitch for sale, factory crash bar for sale)
Modified Flat Hitch Cover (work in progress)
Bulging Hitch ordered and painted
22 inch Viper Repros on Nittos
Prodigy P2 with adapter
Removed chrome Dodge lettering on hatch.
Wash and wax

Tried installing a taillight tint kit, botched the install. Then tried 2 spray ins, not a clean enough look for me.

Planning to: tint rears, tint windshield, add slush mats, black out badges, maybe some performance goodies and an set hood down the line.

View attachment 81793 View attachment 81801 View attachment 81809 View attachment 81817
What are the wheel/tire specs? I really like that fitment, and I’m probably going to run 22” spider monkeys.
Probably doesn't qualify as a Today thing. But I did receive these today!

OEM Front/Rear Molded Splash Guards. They'll go on tomorrow. No drilling involved. Less than $80 shipped.

Where did you get them?

I’d like to get a set at some point.
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Just the fogs are led

2015 SXT
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Which fog bulbs did you use? Link?
Dtammaro - those look like they fit MUCH better than the DeeZee boards.
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Philips 12834UNIX2 X-tremeVision LED Fog Light, Fits Fog H8, H11, H16, 2 Pack

2015 SXT
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Thanks man!
Installed a JLT catch can.

Very easy install and don’t have to lose any covers.
What made you choose the JLT over the Billetech?
Your Durango only takes 5 quarts of oil. ?? Mine takes 7 quarts. ! You better check your owners manual again. ?
I think the V6 has less capacity.
1. Just added the cheapest SRT Brake and Gas Pedals from Amazon... (Great Quality BTW)...

2. Added my Weather Techs

3. Added Hubcentric 1.5” Wheel Spacers

4. And Finally, playing around with the placement and measurements for the 345 Badging. (Not officially putting the Badging on until I do the Brembo Brake upgrade).
Are you going to try and run the Brembos under the stock wheels with the spacers?
I installed a 2018 Durango SRT steering wheel into my 2014 Citadel. Minor tweaking to the wiring harness, and everything works including the wheel heat.
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Just had an x-pipe installed. I’ve got the Blastin Bobs 2.25” mufflers, and I think I might swap them out. It’s a little raspy above 4K rpm, but not too bad.
Upgraded the factory HIDs to Philips Whitevison Generation 2 5000K HIDs. The first one took me like an hour lol. There isn't much room and I wasn't 100% sure what I was doing. The second one took about 10 minutes max.
Any before/after pics?
I almost refused delivery of my Durango bcause of a dealer sticker. May seem petty, but they wouldn't move on the price (it was used) and once I decided to purchase, my ONLY requirement was that there was nO dealer decal (there wasn't when I looked at it). On pickup day, there it was. I told the guy the deal was off and started to leave he got pretty nervous about losing the sale. He gave me 2 oil changes and took the D to detailing and in 5 minutes the decal was gone.

I hate dealer stickers. Maybe I am a grouchy old man. LOl

I don’t think it’s too much to ask. You don’t owe them any advertising.

The last two cars I’ve bought, I offered to let them put their plate frames and stickers on them for $100/mo. Neither dealer took me up on it.
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