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Well I guess I need a new Daily Driver

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With just 2600 miles on the clock I was able to get my Mopar Edition Durango to the premier detail place here in my hometown. They did a decontamination, paint correction, polish, and then installed self healing PPF with a coating of Modesto Ceramic coating.

I was expecting it to look good, but damn my jaw hit the floor. Who knew family Truckster could look flat out sexy. Looks to nice to drive anymore LOL!
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They sent me of the process today. Literally 3 different guys on stripe detail
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What are they cutting? Are they putting a layer over the stripe?
Yeah they said the stripe had to be done separate to ensure no air bubbles. For the life of the film. So they trimmed each one. It was a bit of a cost adder
They hand cut it :oops: -- thought everyone was using templates & plotter/pre-cutting these days !
Depends..Xpel which my installer uses has the templates for most vehicles...the shop buys a special cutting machine and downloads the dimensions.stuff like stripes has to be hand cut
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Just one topic question... There are three of the MOPAR 22's for sale within 300 miles of me. (Charleston, WV) 2 Black and one white. They are all optioned the same, 22 package and black-out package. Is this how they come generally?
Mine does not have the blackout package
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And everyone wonder why Mother Mopar created so many Mopar heads. One would ask why we would push a Mopar, than drive a ....well yall know what I am getting at.
Do you have a link for the ones with blackout packages? I thought of changing to the black out emblems but after the detail I kind of dig the contrast of the chrome and red


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