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the Ms has been vacationing in FL for the past three months.. I flew down this week for the pack-and-drive-home.

Happened to be talking to Steve yesterday, and he said "Lake Worth? that's where BT is! You should go visit!"

So I did. They are maybe half a mile away from the rental condo.

Nice crew, nice little shop. Everyone clearly loves what they do, and they really appreciate their customers.. I had to hang out for a bit because the folks who do 'tours' were on the phone with customers working through custom designs. (there are only maybe a dozen people in the shop, they do not have dedicated tour guides)

The guy who took me around was one of the guys who transforms customer custom engraving into the CNC program to make the parts.. led me thru the whole process, introduced me to the folks on the (small) line who actually run the parts..

Would recommend.

Attached pic is my "tour guide's" ride.


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