Hi all,

I sold my 2015 Durango RT a bit over a year ago but I am doing some garage cleaning this weekend and have multiple parts in my garage that I am putting for sale. I wanted to give the members here first dibs before posting on other sites. Pickup is available for anyone in the Greater Hartford, CT area.

1. DiabloSport Intune i2

Purchased from Hemifever in 2017, it has a tune for my old Durango on it.

With the i3 now being out I will start this at $150 or best offer. Add in $5 for shipping.

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2. Volant Intake

Volant "cold air" intake with the Powercore no maintenance filter. Also purchased in 2017, the setup has approximately 50k miles on it.

$250 or best offer. Add in $20 for shipping.

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3. Mopar PCM

Purchased with the DiabloSport i2, the PCM currently has the Hemifever tune on it, but it will need to be re-coded for your vehicle.

$300 or best offer. Add in $10 for shipping.

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4. Z Automotive Tazer

Also a 2017 purchase.

$100 or best offer. Add in $3 for shipping.

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