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So I have the motor, transmission, and transfer case out of my '01 Durango. I am basically doing a swap from an '02 with both being the 4.7L.

First question is it worth replacing the padding located on the body above the transmission. It is in halfway decent shape but is starting to pull apart. If worth replacing, can you make some recommendations on what to use and maybe where to find it or just how to search for it.

Second question is re-install order. I am limited to having the vehicle up on 4 ramps and only have one of the 1 ton shop crane but am looking at getting a low profile transmission lift. Given these constraints, if I place the transmission and transfer case in place using the lift, how hard is it to get the motor to marry up to the transmission and get the bolts for the torque converter in? If I go with transmission mounted to the motor then add the transfer afterwards, will the 1 ton shop crane fully extended to a 1/4 ton rating be enough to lift the motor and transmission?

The motor only has the heads mounted and I will be installing the exhaust manifolds afterwards for weight reasons.

Well, I guess I actually have three questions. The third question is can the Y pipe be installed up after the motor and transmission are in place? When removing the transmission and such, I could not get the Y pipe on the rear side up and over the cross member under the transfer case.

Any thoughts and suggestions very much appreciated.
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