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Hello! First time posting! I just purchased an incredibly maintained 2012 Durango w/ the 3.6L w/ 5sp auto trans w/ AWD with 110k miles on it so I figured I needed to join some forums. It's an SXT and did not come w/ tow package, but previous owner had the dealer add the factory hitch to tow his speed boat. I'm coming from a '99 F150 4.6 v8 and when I towed with that I had to be sure to turn "overdrive" off (so I believe I towed in 4th gear). With the new Durango I have a few questions:

1. What gear should I tow in? Is it ok just to leave it in Drive and tow a 2-3k lb load on the highway or should I I downshift and always tow in 4th? Not sure if the 5th gear acts as an "overdrive" gear or if it's designed for towing.

2. With a Durango with my specs, does anyone know for sure what kind of load limits it has? I've seen conflicting numbers from 3500 to 6200 in the manual. I imagine the 6200 is when it comes w/ the factory tow package and auto-adjust rear shocks.

3. Should I be concerned towing 3000lb loads w/ this AWD Durango? I have a 6x12 enclosed trailer that weighs 1500 and I'm going to be moving soon and want to be sure I don't damage the new ride filling the trailer to the brim.

Thanks for the info and advice in advance!
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