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Took my R/T to the track.

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Last Friday night I took my newly modded 2011 R/T to the track feeling good about how it would perform. Well, I found out that an eighth mile drag strip is way too short for my Durango. My best time was 10.808 seconds @ 68.39 mph. My best reaction time was 0.859. Having drag raced on a quarter mile track once before (Chrysler 300M 3.5L V6) I was disappointed in my results, even factoring in the size and weight difference. There were calls from the spectators like, "Do you have a car (baby) seat in there?" People even pointed and laughed at the " Grocery Getter". I went and talked to some of the others in my Mopar group and they said they get the same trash talk. It sure was fun to watch the SRT8 Jeeps kick ass and take names after all the drama. They run superchargers, slicks and some AVgas in their Mopars.

I don't plan on any more mods or trips to the track. Maybe one day if we get another venue that's a quarter mile I might consider it. The R/T was just getting ready to really MOVE at the finish line on the eighth mile track. Their venue isn't able to accommodate a longer track because you need twice the length of the track for slowing down. The Chargers stadium parking lot is not ideal and they've been looking for a place for a quarter mile drag strip but haven't found one.

Just want to say that the people who put these races together,, are a great organization and I am happy to support their good work in my community.
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Thanks for all the responses. I would definitely be in a different vehicle if I was going to the track all the time. I love my R/T and the mods I've made have "Woken up" the Hemi. But I won't be dropping 1,000 pounds anytime soon. My Dad has a 2007 BMW 335i twin turbo that would probably be good on an eighth mile track. He isn't driving it much anymore. Something to think about!
I think that's a great time/mph for AWD and only a tune and CAI. I wish we had a 1/4 mile track in SD, but so far only have 1/8 and it's not worth it to me.
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