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Select a perfect Trailer Hitch for your Durango at CARiD

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If you need to use your Durango for towing purposes, you cannot do it without a trailer hitch. All of them are divided into 5 main classes and to choose the right one you need to know the weight of your cargo and towing capacity of your vehicle:

Class I - up to 2,000 pounds towing capacity, 200 to 250 pounds tongue weight, for midsize cars.
Class II - up to 3,500 pounds towing capacity, 250 to 350 pounds tongue weight, for small cars or light SUVs.
Class III - up to 6,000 pounds towing capacity, 350 to 600 pounds tongue weight. This type is the common for today and can be found on full-size cars of full-size pickups.
Class IV - up to 10,000 pounds towing capacity, 600 to 1,000 pounds tongue weight. Its perfect for those, who need to haul heavy equipment or large camper trailers.
Class V – Up to 25,000 pounds towing capacity, fifth wheel/gooseneck.

Now, when you've determined the class, make sure to check trailer hitches selection at CARiD! Here you can find trailer hitches from Curt, Reese, Hidden Hitch, Draw Tite and much more.

Trailer Hitches | Towing Products & Accessories -

For more detailed instructions on how to determine the class of the perfect trailer hitch for your vehicle find our article Everything You Want to Know About Trailer Hitches

And visual explanation on trailer hitches:

PM me today for a quote or leave your comments below!
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"If you need to use your FJ Cruiser for towing purposes,"

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