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Replaced control arms, won’t return to ride height

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A few months ago I had to replace the passenger upper control arm on my ‘99 Durango (270k mile 5.9, yeah she old but kickin) which then turned into my lower shock bolt breaking. Long story short I’m replacing the lower control arm after a long 2-3 months of attempting to extract, drill, and melt the bolt, when I finally finish buttoning everything up to spec and 6x checking my work. Happy with everything I take the truck off the Jack stands aaaand the passenger side is pretty much slammed. Driver side remained at ride height but I jacked it back up and checked everything, even the torsion key, no matter what I changed, tightened, loosened, removed, anything I did had no effect on the ride height.
Any ideas? Am I just missing the most simple thing? Thanks!
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Spitting in the wind here, but do you need to preload the Torsten bar before you insert it into the control arm?
I don't think you can preload a torsion bar. It has to be adjusted while installed with all body weight lifted off of it. Just like in our old Mopars. Otherwise you'll shear the bolt off or strip it out.
Possibly the wrong side control arm is installed. Meaning you got 2 lefts. I don't know if it's able to be installed like that on a Durango, but a friend had it happen to her Camaro.
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