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Radio pop-up "do you want to change clock setting" keeps repeating

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Radio (uconnect) beeps and pops up a message asking "do you want to change clock setting" repeatedly. Clock time is accurate. Pressing either YES or NO just recycles to the same message after a few seconds. I see threads about this problem on both the Ram and Challenger forums but not here yet. It just happened to me today but it seems to be a common problem. Does FCA have a process (recall?) in place yet to handle it?
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More victims of the horrible UConnect screens from LG for 2017-2018 model years I suspect. I was a victim as well with my 2018 Chrysler 300S. There are pending class action lawsuits ongoing. No recalls or otherwise any help from Stellantis yet. Save your receipts.

Search "UConnect bubbles" or "delamination" and you'll find a mountain of evidence that they had an inherent material defect between the LCD screen and the digitizer. With time/heat/gravity this shit moves South and the first thing that happens is most times the "do you want to change your clock settings?" since it's at the top of screen and the digitizer thinks your finger pushed it right there. Ghost-touching defined.

The back order forces customers to either wait forever for the repair (covered under warranty or not) or replace it themselves. I chose the latter. Cost me $630 just for the LCD/digitizer setup and I installed it myself.
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