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1999 Dodge Durango SLT 5.2l
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I purchased a 1999 SLT 5.2l, 46RE Auto transmission. The previous 2 owners had given up after replacing everything in the transmission, wiring and relay systems and it was still tripping multiple (P01765, P0753) codes and stuck in limp mode. I KNEW it was the PCM. $85 bucks and whoalla! Good as new.

About 45 days and 1,000 miles later, I threw a P0748 code, back in limp mode. I had simply bought a used PCM for that $85 bucks, so I thought that had gone bad again? I wanted to drop the pan anyway as it was leaking so I installed a new solenoid and governor just for kicks. I also replaced the bloody pan with one that had a DRAIN plug!

Still kicking code P0748. Then I stumbled upon an article that actually explained the grounding of Pin #30. I just replaced the PCM again today with a 1 year warranty unit for $139 bucks and once again, all codes gone and shifts like a dream. In the PDF I am attaching, you will see the Chrysler mechanics first advice is to NOT replace anything in the transmission.

I also spent $85 bucks on a cold air intake. Now, the PCM is not trapped behind a wall and can cool properly.

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I am a little OCD and have spents 100's of hours researching this. Once again Dodge puts out a product they KNOW is bad. They locate it in the hot zone and think filling it up with gel will fix the problem??

I was on a generic site researching and the mechanic said, with no mention of the type of vehicle, let me guess, you have a Dodge!


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