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Alright I'm getting tired of hunting through threads trying to figure out tire sizes and wheel sizes individually, is there any way we can compile a database of what fits without rubbing / trimming wheel well stuff?

I'm basically looking for "you can fit an overall diameter of 3x.y inches by 10" overall width with ____ offset. As long as your stuff falls within that box somehow, you're good."

For example - if you have 1" of space between your OEM tire and wheel well at its closest distance (3/4 lock or so), and you put on a wheel that's an inch wider with the same offset and same overall diameter, you still have 1/2" to spare. Similarly, put on a tire that's 1" bigger on your same width, and you should still have 1/2". Everyone with me so far here? Good.

Where it gets a bit trickier is when you can't find a wheel with the same OEM offset (likely, because of our crazy +56). So now a 1" wider wheel plus a +20 offset is going to push that pivot point out - and close the gap even with the same overall diameter.

So. I've seen conflicting answers on here too. Some people say 31" is the biggest tires you can put on without rubbing, while other people say "nuh uh, I've got 32"s and don't have any issues".

Here's what I'm looking for: Post up what you have and whether it rubbed and made you have to trim the wheel well liner or not in the following format, and I'll compile it into a chart for people to use.

I'm using to get dimensions, and Will They Fit for offset differences and dimensions.

Wheel size:
Wheel width:
Wheel offset:
Tire size:
Tire width:
Overall diameter / height:
Rubbing: Yes/No
Lift kit: Yes/No + how much

Wheel size: 20"
Wheel width: 8"
Wheel offset: +56
Tire size: 265/50r20
Tire width: 10.4"
Overall diameter / height: 30.5"
Rubbing: No
Lift kit: No

I'd like to put the following on, but don't know if it will rub:
Wheel size: 18"
Wheel width: 9"
Wheel offset: +20
Tire Size: 285/60r18
Tire width: 11.2"
Overall diameter/height: 31.5"
Rubbing: Unknown?
Lift kit: Yes, 2.5" Rocky Road Outfitters.
Have any experience with something like this ?
I am putting the 2.5 rough country lift kit in my 2016 DD rt and putting 33/12.5R20 tires with 20x9 wheels with a +18 offset
Question is does anyone know if that is gonna stick out enough to give me that beefy look ?
Any pics with lifts bigger tires and dimensions would be appreciated
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