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Hello everyone.
My car is - 2015 Dodge Durango RT - 185000 km mileage.
I wanted to ask you guys about engine oil. Now in the engine I have Mopar 5W20 oil. ( ,, I do not add anything from change to change " and change every 8tys km).
Question 1 - should I continue to pour Mopar 5W20 oil or another? If different, what will be the best?
Question 2- would 5W30 be better at this mileage, ?
Question 3 - won't the 5W30 oil interfere with the MDS? ( although I plan to turn off the MDS ), but so far it is MDS and works , and I need to change the oil already .
I ask you to answer my questions , I care a lot .
In Poland, the temperature ( climate ), from -30 to + 38 ( rarely, but it was so )
What oil do you guys use at such mileage to provide the engine with good lubrication?
Greetings to all
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I am in S. FL so it is always summer and HOT so in my 05’ DD after 150K I switched to a heavier weight. I strictly used Mobile 1 5W-30 full synthetic. She had 297K when I traded her in last month. I also used extended oil filters.

On my new DD I plan on using 5W-20 pennzoil platinum for the next few oil changes. She only has 1,300 miles so not in any rush.
You should go with the manufacturer's recommendation until the motor dies, unless you want to stop blowing smoke as a bandaid solutionwhen you are past due for a rebuild. In which case, what you should be doing is an overhaul. The thin oil is to get it through the fine galleries in compact modern motors. Using oil that is too thick puts strain on the oil pump, makes it harder for the oil to get where it needs to go, and encourages sludging. It can gunk your PCV valve, too, which can lead to oil leaks because of excessive crankcase pressure. Engines are more refined machines these days. They are manufactured to closer tolerances and the grade of oil is important. Your climate is cold, which makes a thicker oil even worse. It is going to have trouble moving on startup especially.
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I would stick with the recommended oil no matter what. If oil consumption increases to the point that it's an issue, it's time to rebuild, or part ways.
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I'm in Michigan and for the past years on an another car (2010 Hyundai Santa FE with 150-160k miles) I used Pennzoil Platinum 5w20 and never had any issues. My 2018 Durango I just bought didn't come with a user manual, but on the oil cap says 0w20. I think I'll keep using either 0w20 or 5w20 full synth, I'm happy with Pennzoil but I might switch if I find better offers/rebates. Let me know if you have any other suggestions, thanks
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Interesting read…

It is known that the oil 5w20 , And what do you recommend ? Mopar ,Pennzoil, Amsoil or is there any other ( maybe better for the engine )
It is known that the oil 5w20 , And what do you recommend ? Mopar ,Pennzoil, Amsoil or is there any other ( maybe better for the engine )
Pennzoil Platinum full synthetic.
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I buy cheap AC Delco or Motocraft Synthetic Blend 5w-20 and change it every 5000km. It keeps the motor clean. People like full synthetic cause the service interval is longer. But it costs a heck of a lot more, and I can tell you now I have opened a lot of motors run on full synthetic with 7-10 000km between changes that were filthy inside. It was the filth that was causing problems. If it is filthy, if you start running it on those synthetic blends and changing every 5000, it cleans it right up.

A long service interval leaves you with a very dirty filter too, which isn't good for oil pressure. I put a high volume pump in my Hemi and that is what I want at all times. High volume.

Disclaimer: Mine is my beasty old truck. I am too poor to afford a new Dodge.

Tell you what, the quality of manufacture is really awesome. This is why it is good to buy American. The size, amount and quality of steel, and horsepower are no brainers as well. When I pulled mine apart, everything was in surprisingly awesome condition for 180 000km on the road. The only metal part I had to change was the water pump, and that was mainly because the manual I bought tells you the clutch fan has a right hand thread. (Someone at Haynes should be sacked for what happened about that.) It is like brand new now, not a single thing broken or running below efficiency.

I notice a lot of guys knock the 2nd Generation on here, but it is a proper body on chassis car, and I am stoked with mine. That thing is a tank and takes me over a lot of bad roads and lonely desert in style.
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Penzoil is a problem with us. I use Mopar 5w20 or Amsoil. Jeep and dodge service, gives Selenia K POWER 5W-20 (MS 6395 ). With this oil there was no problem even in the summer in Barcelona or Andorra.
as we are talking about oils , what oil do you recommend for drive bridges?
Pennzoil Platinum full synthetic is rated the most bang for the buck and is the bulk synthetic oil for most Dodge dealers
as we are talking about oils , what oil do you recommend for drive bridges?
Do you mean the drive train? Like transmission and differential fluid? And the power steering fluid? I use the Mopar brand fluids specified by the factory for all that. Then I know I got what the guy who designed the thing intended. That's who I trust most to know what's going down.
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