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[OFFICIAL] I've ordered my Durango Thread!

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Drop in and let us know you just ordered your new Durango and don't forget to drop by our poll so that we can get a tally of the most popular trim!
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We ordered ours on March 28, 2022. Two days later they closed JNAP for two months for re-tooling. For those of you waiting for a 2022, the plant will resume production in the second week of May as it stands right now. We have a 2022 Durango SRT on order with the Red Seat Belts, Harmon Carden, Laguna Leather, Premium Interior, Sun Roof, Tow Package, and Technology Package. The sticker came in right at 80K. We are trading in our 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT. JNAP (Jefferson North Assembly Plant) is being converted to produce EV vehicles. 2024 Durango production will be moving to Mack Assembly and will be on the same platform as the new Grand Cherokee. We just had to get in on the last of the HEMI's. We did not want to wait until 2023 the option packages and color selection are already slim pickings.
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Has anybody ordered the Mopar edition R/T Tow n Go?

At SEMA they said orders would be open Q1, but I haven't seen a thing about it since.
They only made 250 of the MOPAR edition and I think they are all gone. When I ask my dealer he checked his system and it was not available for ordering.
So I got around to checking back with my Salesman today and he said I was D1 status and gave me my VIN. Scheduled build start of June 2. He did mention there are others in that dealership that ordered before me that I am now ahead of, suspects because I did not order the Technology pkg possibly?
I would check back in a couple of weeks just to make sure. I was in D1 before JNAP went down for re-tooling. I got bounced back to D I hope when the plant goes back online Monday that I get moved back to D1.
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Hi! New to the group, I ordered my SRT on March 10, and of course the plant shut down shortly after. Does anyone know if it is actually up and running again? Or have a link to this Dodge chat I have read about in the thread? When I ordered it I said I was in no hurry, and of course now I am impatient. And don't know if I want to be in the first batch out of the new facility. Lots of anxiety over here.
I also have a new 22 SRT on order. Just check my status on Friday and I am still in "D". I have a ton of options on mine so I am pretty sure I am at the back of the line. I think we will be lucky if we see ours in July. They will be building 22's all the way through November. 23's are only going to be built for two quarters so it will be a very short run.
Are you checking your status just by calling the dealer? Do you have a link you can share? I think I ended up getting most of the options too.
If you go to they now have a website where you enter your last name and your VON and it will tell you the status. They actually give you the correct designation you are in.
Greetings to everyone excitedly anticipating their orders!

We have just created a new tool to help you check the status of your vehicle order. To check your vehicle's current status you can do so using our tracker here: Dodge Vehicle Order Tracking

Thank you and do not hesitate to reach out should any additional questions or concerns arise.

Dodge Cares
I have my VIN and went to Dodge.Com today to register the Dodge Durango SRT I have on order and the site tells me it does not recognize my VIN number. Do you know why this would happen? I checked my VIN and what I entered is correct.
Maybe you only have a VON and not a VIN.
I have my VIV, got it 5 days after I got my VON.
Your order is possibly waiting on tech pkg items, I did not order any of that with my DD. Hopefully that gets all sorted out soon.
I think you are correct. I have the Tech Packages, HK Stereo, and Tow group along with all of the interior upgrades. I just hope after the holiday we start getting updates. It looks like it will take 4 to 5 months to get a DD built with the two-month shutdown added in. I am just curious if Durango's and Jeeps were on the line when they pulled the plug or if they finished the production run and then pulled the plug.
Holy smokes..... I think I got some stamped steel rolling down an assembly line in Michigan!!!
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When did your scheduled date appear? was it on April 25th or did it populate at a later date? I am a full month ahead of you on my order date and still stuck in "D".
I’m happy you guys are getting updates. I actually got a call from my salesperson earlier telling me that there hasn’t been any movement on my order, however she states that my SRT was supposed to have a scheduled build date of 5/14 according to their system? That obviously isn’t right considering we’re way past that date and I’m still in “order confirmed, awaiting scheduling” I’m starting to think that my tech package option is what’s holding my build back.
I am thinking the same thing for mine. I loaded mine up with all the Technology options and from what I can find out on my own the chip shortage is still keeping builds from moving forward.
Hello @Dylan and @19WhiteDurango,

We appreciate you voicing your order concerns. Our team would like to take a deeper look into your vehicle orders together to see what we can do! Please send us a private message with your VON and VIN (@19WhiteDurango if you could include your build sheet again it would be greatly appreciated) to get started! Hope to reconnect shortly.

Dodge Cares
Good Afternoon Hannah, Could you look into mine as well? I have both my VON and My VIN.
Thank You, WVHEMIS
Just went and tried to look this morning and I got a message that no updates were currently available.
Just checked mine this morning and I have still stuck in "D" with no movement at all.
2 Months since ordering, and a month since reopening, my order hasn’t made any progress but people who ordered after me already getting theirs built….

@DodgeCares a little advice?
I ordered mine on 03/23/22 and got my VON on 03/31/22 I have been stuck in "D" ever since. Looks like we may get delivery by August but from what I can discover from talking with friends who work in the business it is going to be more like September/ October so that makes it 8 months from order to delivery.
I just received my email today that my DDSRT will be built in the "coming weeks". The status has not changed yet on the tracker but I expect it will not until they actually set the scheduled production date. At last we have made some progress.
Just checked on mine a minute ago. Ordered mine on 3/23/22, still shows in "D". I have a DDSRT with all the bells and whistles so hopefully within the next couple of weeks like my letter stated.
wvhemis, yours should be rolling soon now that the plant is back up and running.
Hope So!!
I’m so jealous.

Still stuck on order confirmed
I know right?? I ordered on 3/23/22 and I am still stuck in "D". I hope shipping is not too slow. They do go by rail first and then by truck.
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You prompted me to check mine today and 'bingo'!!!.... was not like this when I checked on Friday.....
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That is awesome! Congrats !!
Just checked a few minutes ago still stuck in "D". Maybe by next week. I just wish I knew what the statement " your new Durango will be built in the next few weeks" actually means?
is a few 3 or 30 LOL??
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