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First let me introduce myself, I am new to this forum, well to new any forum for that matter. I do have some knowledge on how to work on vehicles and do just about all of my own maintenance work. Over the last couple of years i have decide that it was time to start look at doing more of the major repairs as well, thanks to the vast information that can be found on YouTube and that my oldest two boys have now graduated high school (the younger of the two starting collage in the fall for, none other than automotive engineering). That being said let get to the problem at hand!

I have an '04 Durango 5.7 Limited (254,000 miles), I started having problems with the trans going into limp mode, the latter part of last year. I learned how to reset this issue to help keep the D going a little longer until i could get the money together to get the part need to do the repair, this took loner then it should have after being physically stuck by a motor vehicle. Nor that i have been able to return to work and buy the part the adventure has begun.

I have changed out the transmission solenoid, which should have corrected the limp mode issue. This should have been a simple plug and play fix with the new parts. After installing the new solenoid the D would no long start, and was getting code errors (P0846, P0706, P0750, P0562, U0141, P0700). So I decide to put the old solenoid back in the transmission, the truck would now start, but still getting error codes. After looking more into this issue it was looking more and more as though in needed to change out the PCM.

I have now changed out the PCM with on that i got from a salvage yard, just to see if the truck would start before going out and spend $200+ on getting a new one programmed for my VIN. Sure enough it did start with the PCM from the salvage yard, so i did order a new PCM programmed to my VIN (but did not do the mileage), I now have the new PCM installed, but still the truck will not start, (error code P1697)

SO to recap:
Still have the old trans solenoid in use (but will be reinstalling new one)
installed new pre-programmed PCM installed
has new battery and alternator
still need to replace the input and output speed sensors for the trans
I will be checking the ground issue as all the light for the shift indicator stay on.

Any suggestion as to to way the truck will not start WILL be a HUGH help, as I hate asking for a ride to work or using someone else's vehicle, and my son does not want me to take away his BMW (nor do I)!

Thanks !
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