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Alright folks- Here is the full scenario- not my truck, no service history, trying to help a friend with an unrelated problem led me to this.....

Truck sat about a week waiting for me to work on it- got in, cranked and cranked, no start- thought it was empty of fuel. Long and short was I noticed after 8 gallons, the no bus notice. fine.

ordered reman PCM- finally arrived- fully programmed to VIN, miles, etc. (All Computer Resources Dodge Jeep Chrysler Ford GM OEM Engine Computer Auto Computer Dodge PCM Chrysler PCM Jeep PCM Store)
installed- still no bus msg.
cleaned all grounds- still no bus msg.
replaced the horrible crank sensor (lots of F bombs later)- still no bus msg.
replaced cam sensor- still no bus msg.
replaced the TPS- still no bus msg.
Tired of throwing parts at it- I disconnected the MAP- still no bus msg.

Called computer place- they send send out the warranty card and they would send new. Seems unlikely that it would be bad out of the box- but what could I be missing?

I turn the ignition- start relay clicks, crank for 3 seconds, no bus flashes.

Any thoughts? I am open to suggestions.



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I would lean on wiring issue, maybe at firewall to cab or also at the PDC.
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