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New Rear Cargo Cover 2023 DD R/T

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So after getting the floor mats I had to figure out the rear cargo cover area...

I decided to go again with 3D MAXpider: Part# M1DG0071309 Kagu Cargo Liner

I went with these because we drive with the third seat in the upward position about 75% of the time, yet still use the DD for hauling, moving, Home Depot (if I have enough time), etc. LOL LOL

The MAXpider are foldable so I can use the same cover when seats are up or down. I could not find another cover on the market with this flexibility. I even considered buying two of the rubberized models (full length and short one and just interchange depending on use), but I have to thank one of the members on here (sorry forgot your name?) but I saw it on an old post and that convinced me to get it.


Oh the envelope style cargo net was from my 05' DD and fits perfectly. ;)

Now working on F/R mud guards...
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Nice.... I still have my full Weathertech from my prior Durango that I use in my '22... but I do like that foldable feature on that Maxpider.... I'd probably be leaning towards that if I didn't have my old one...
My wife and I have both really enjoyed the MAXpider floor mats from them in the D and the Wrangler. That cargo mat is under $130 on Amazon at the moment, not a bad deal IMO.
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I got them on eBay… lol
Good to know because the Maxpider website sucks.
Yeah I had to call MAXpider because online fitment only went up to 2021. They confirmed it will fit 2023.

Then searched and found the cheapest price on eBay.
What was their price, since I can't seem to find a way to get that from their website?
Brand new in sealed original boxes… $129 for the rear cargo cover and $337 for the full carpet set, both with taxes and shipping. I LOVE eBay!
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