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So I have been having an ongoing problem with my '02 R/T. it misfires and shakes at idle, and I cannot seem to track down or even think of the cause.
My symptoms are:
-It shakes at idle, and can hear the slight click of a misfire
-anything higher than Idle it runs like a top
-no codes (other than p0455)
  • no idle surging (it is sitting around 600 though)
  • when idling and in drive, if I let off the brake and it will buck slightly

It was happening with the previous pkugs/wires, and then I changed them for cheapies from the parts store. (plugs/wires/cap/rotor)
then when that didn't help, I re-did it with the recommended champion coppers(double checked gap of .040), and optima 7mm wires, followed the TSB to a tee and used dielectric grease on both ends of the wires. double checked with a spray bottle for arcing and nothing. still not fixed, and out of ideas.

So far, I have done the following to hopefully notice a difference:
-New plugs
-new wires(routed properly)
-new coil
-cleaned IAC
cleaned throttle body
-cleaned the battery connections and the ground by the airbox
-Unplugged upstream o2 sensor to check for that.
-tried to unplug each wire to see what cylinder is missing (no change to any cylinder that i could tell)

Can anybody maybe point me to anything else to check or any advice?

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You may have an internal issue, maybe have a piston issue, a bent rod, or timing/adjustment issue.

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There was a fellow here several months back with a similar issue on an '01 R/T. I seem to recall he ended up with a reflashed PCM, and that took care of the issue. You might search around here for it.

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