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Hello folks. I have had a 2000 SLT for about 2 years and love it. So here goes, starting the dissertation:

Situation: Keeping my 00. I need a 2006 or later because I will be using for UBER. As of 1-01-2016 must have a 2006 or newer for Market (MD DC VA) which would mean a 2006 or newer. But I'm going with a 2007 which will give me 2 years of use before it gets the UBER Boot ( Vehicle can only be 10 years old) The Durango also qualifies me for a higher level of UBER (UBER XL) so it makes sense.I also live in the Suburban Maryland market which means 4X4 and Capacity of 7 Passengers greatly enhances my income as opposed to Gas Mileage. And If I'm not making the kind of money I expect to make, I can always leave UBER and get a degree in Neurosurgery or become a Lawyer at 58 years old. Should be a breeze!
I tell you all this so you realize I have passengers that will rate my performance based on ride, legroom, ease getting in and out, etc etc. (UBER passengers rate the driver and his car in an overall 1-5 after every ride. Driver wants to be at 4.7 or above)

The Question: Is there anything I need to look for with the 07 Durango that I don't want to find out after the buy.I am looking at a 2007 SLT with the 4.7L 4X4 and 103,000 Miles (All I know at present sorry and sale is not definitive)
Also, anything about the 07 trans, 4x4 components or 4.7L as opposed to 5.7L. that I need to know.

Sorry for lengthy post. But the more info you nice people get the better off the info I will get returned. Also let me thank everyone in advance. I have always been treated great here and knew to come back! I have also posted in other Durango Forums apologies if you receive elsewhere. :lol:
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