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Looking for DD SRT Production Figures

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I have a 2022 DD SRT (392) and I am looking for production numbers. I have done a search on the web, came to a Jeep forum, but then I cannot find any link for the DD or any numbers for that matter. I was wondering if someone had a link or had the production numbers (specifically for 2022)

Thank you

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Check the posts from @CWGrizzwold as he is the resident guru for production numbers.
@CWGrizzwold seems rather focused on Hellcats. I looked through a lot of his last posts and they are all HC related. I am just trying to figure out how many 2022 Octane Red SRT 392, with Charcoal stripes and Red interior were made is all. I would also like to know the other colors, but I would take what I can get. I strangely groove on this stuff. This is one of my other cars websites: I have data for 82-92 Firebirds, more than anyone should have, but it is just one of my curiosities.
I also tried to get the numbers for my 2021 DD SRT 392. Couldn't find anything. All the numbers include the HC as well.
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The data should be out there, but where it is IDK.
Was trying to find data on 2022 DDSRT's as well just curious because it took 10 months to get mine built and I would think because of part shortages due to my choice of options. Our Octane Red 2021 Super Stock is a one of one, so just curious about our DDSRT.
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Dodge is typically not very good about production figures. It’s tough to come by. Most of the info you find out there is based on details some individual collected and/or some owners organizations get because of connections to somebody at Dodge. For example, for the Vipers we have very good detail as to how many of each car were made, by year and trim. Granted, there are FAR fewer made and they were all made in one factory so the counting is not hard.

I was able to dig up this from another site. From what I was able to find on general production, 2020 was higher production (overall) than 2021 and 2022. The figures below seem low to me given they made 3,000 Hellcats in 2021. According to this, they made less SRT’s in 2020 than Hellcats in 2021. Just seems odd. Regardless, this is likely a decent representation of the mix. I know that 2022 saw few color options, but this is better than nothing. I doubt you’ll find the exact details on the color mix and options. At least for now. Ultimately, the Durango is not a very limited production. So keeping exact tabs won’t really impact values in the future.

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