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Working on a box for the storage spot. It's pretty shallow so not easy to fit subs, and I didn't want to spend basically 2x as much for same power handling on low-profile subs, so I figured I could dangle with the angle and figure something out to fit a pair of 12" JL W3v3s. This is what I came up with:

View attachment 118337

It will fit in the storage area, the round piece in the front should fit nicely against the trim. The third row seating is at the same angle and locks fully in the upright position.

Further it will fit the subs nicely:
View attachment 118342

I wasn't too concerned about matching the internal volume to the subs, but luckily this geometry ends up giving 2.25 cubic feet of air space - perfect.

Not too many crazy angles that I need a CNC router - a table saw, jig saw, and a router with a circle jig should suffice. I hope.

So, to the hardware store I go for some MDF, check my angles, make my straight cuts, use a careful hand with a jigsaw on the side pieces, and time to mock it up:

View attachment 118338

Amazingly all my cuts lined up without any gaps. I disassembled it and re-mocked it up again in the car to ensure it all fit.

View attachment 118339

Looks good! I transferred the curve of the trim to the piece of wood and cut it out with a jig saw and liberal amount of sanding, and glued it all up.

View attachment 118340

And in the car it goes:

View attachment 118341

Subs come Wednesday, so I plan on finishing it up then, provided the weather isn't nasty. I'll cut the speaker holes, finish the glue up, seal it, get it wrapped with matching carpet, and figure out a place to mount the amps, maybe put in an internal brace depending on how strong the front baffle feels.
Will this box be sealed as it’s being shown in the drawing? Or a port of some kind? Looks good by the way!
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