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Hey guys the time has come to sell. I have had my 2012 Durango R/T for over 5 years but my need for a 3 row SUV has come to an end. My kids are outgrowing their car seats (2 already have and the 3rd is shortly behind) and I'm ready to move on to something smaller. Its been a pleasure being a part of this community for the past 5 years. With all of that being said my Durango is for sale if you or anyone you know is interested (I hope I'm not violating any rules by posting this!).

Durangos like mine are listed in dealers for around 20K, I have mine listed for 16K OBO. Full Disclosure mine is a buyback but I am the 3rd owner and haven't had any real issues with it. The original owner obviously had it bought back within the first 4 months and the second owner had it for 3 years before trading it in for a newer one. I have had it for a little over 5 years at this point. According to carfax, it was bought back for a transmission seal leak (for the record I have never had this issue since I have owned it), I don't know if they took too long to fix it or just didn't fix it correctly the first two times. I did have to replace the solenoid pack in the transmission a few years back but other than that I haven't had any issues with it. I have just put a new set of tires and all new brakes on it. It has a new VA inspection. I am located in the Chesapeake, VA area but am willing to meet someone halfway within a reasonable distance. This will be a cash-only sale.

Here is a link to some pictures on my google drive.

Here are some of the features:
VIN: 1C4SDHCT4CC144459
Only 75K miles - I work 4 miles from home, I bought it with 34K
Hemi-V8 (obviously)
20-inch wheels
Iridium Plugs
Fumoto valve
Black Leather with red stitching and R/T logo - really great condition
Memory Seats
Heated 1st & 2nd row
2nd-row bench
Pioneer Premium Sound
Tow package
Weather-Tech floor mats all the way around except trunk.

1/4 inch X 1 inch scratch on the right front bumper (someone hit me in a parking lot).
minor scratch above rear wheel on the ride side
small ding on rear hatch (from the 2nd owner, parked under a tree that dropped something on it)
a handful of clear coat chips on the hood.

If you're interested or want a close-up picture or something, send me a text at 757-635-9718. I'm asking $16,000 OBO.











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Good morning ADH:
Posting pics here would not hurt your sales efforts. Sorry to hear that the time has come for you to find your D a new home, but sometimes that is just the way it is. In my case, my trusty but rusty '04 just keeps on going at 120+k. Book value on it is such that I could not replace it with a newer Durango for less than 2.5-3 times what I could sell it for.

Your miles are good, and used vehicle pricing right now is such that it's more of a sellers than buyers market at present. along with other similar places are good venues to find it a new home.


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Thanks, I have added some pictures but there is also a link to my google drive with more pictures. I also have it listed on Auto Trader, I figured I would make a post here because this crowd appreciates the D. :)

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Good luck with your sale. I may be a bit biased...…….but I think the front fascia of the 2011-2013's are the best looking over the years. You have a good looking truck there that is lower on miles than most you'll find on CarGurus, AutoTrader, etc.

I personally think it's worth more because of the Metallica decal. :)

I gotta drive mine until the wheels fall off or I'd be interested.
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