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Hey guys, so I have a great puzzle. I am trying to get my stock subwoofer to put out sound.

The Durango was bought used. My factory amp had been bypassed, like so. This is just below the amp, and the female harnesses (connectors) coming from the stereo must connect to the male harnesses going to the speakers for sound to work.

This is what it looks like if I try to plug the 2 male connectors into the amp. The 2 bringing signal to the amp are the ones that hang loose.

It appears to me that another amp had been added to the system, then removed upon getting rid of the vehicle. There is also this adapter at the subwoofer.

This model Kenwood radio was also in the vehicle.

I do not know if the adapter can accept the broken and re-spliced RCA cords to send a separate signal to the subwoofer. It hasn’t so far with the different combination of things I’ve tried. There is a “Sub Out” RCA connection at the back of the stereo.

So here’s what I think I can know:

The original wiring harness is completely gone, and another kit was purchased to bypass the amp.
There is a new (old/junky) stereo.
There was another amp that was powered and placed under the rear seat with signal going to the adapter.

What I don’t know:

Why are there four total harness connectors at the amp (2 sending, 2 receiving)?
How can I get just two of them to plug into the amp? Right now the two that will plug in are the ones receiving signal, and the two giving the signal would just hang loose.
Is it possible for the amp to work with the current Kenwood stereo to power the subwoofer?
Why can I not just plug in the RCA cables into the adapter or somewhere else back there to get the sub going?

I would like to just get the sub going because that’s the main problem right now.

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Judging by these pics it looks like someone was trying to do audio work on the cheap. These are a couple ways to fix this situation if it has not been resolved.
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