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Harsh downshift 4-3

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I never see anyone complaining of this. Only does it when warm, coasting to a stop. Real bad bang on the 4-3 downshift. Truck has 117k miles on it. Think a trans service will fix? Time for a new trans? Reflash?
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You have to tell us what year and motor you have. If it's a Gen 3 then you're way overdue for a trans fluid change even though the factory claims it's lifetime fluid. ZF recommends changing it every 75-80K.
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its a 2017 3.6 2wd. Im aware its a bit overdue, if it hasnt been done, but im not sure if that will fix it.
Like @Tin Foil Hat suggested, it is time to get your transmission serviced.
Easiest and lowest cost way to attempt a fix to your issue. These transmissions are expensive to rebuild!
No doubt change that fluid. Also I believe there is a transmission TSB flash that address this for 2017. Had it done on my previous Durango.
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