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Hi All,

Clearly, i'm new to this forum and happy to have joined. I bought a Black 2013 CREW last year for my wife. I plasti-dipped (Black) all of the plasti-chrome on the vehicle except for the door handles and laid it on really thick. It looked really good at first. However, she keeps knicking the molding beneath the door when she gets in and out of the car so that it peels off. I would like to replace all of the plasti-chrome throughout the vehicle including the door handles, the molding beneath the doors, and the Dodge nameplate on the lift gate. I just don't think the plasti dip works with her being the primary driver.

Does anyone know the MOPAR part numbers for these items?

Does anyone know where I could potentially get these replacement items at a discount price in Southern Califonia or even an online supplier?

I guess I basically want to make my CREW look more like an RT or a CITADEL- with one uniform color throughout. I am also considering replacing the front bumper and grill with the CITADEL/RT front end...It would fit right?

Any suggestions? I would appreciate any insight.

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