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I started with this;

Parts I used;

Double DIN bracket (used by models that came standard with NAV) 55056269-AD - $12.20+Tax from dealer
Bezel/Head Unit Surround (again, used by models that came standard with NAV) 1DK921D5AA $123.03 From Tasca (through Ebay) Nb this code is color combination specific, this is Silver/Grey
Gizmo to interpret Steering Wheel Controls PAC RP4-CH11 $74.99 + Tax from Crutchfield
Double Din install kit Free from Crutchfield due to buying the head unit there. I lied to thier tool and told them I had a Durango with Nav that way they believed that it would fit without further mods

Someone with more time/skill could probably hack away at the mounting bracket and bezel to avoid those costs. Also note that some eBay sellers bundle the bezel and the bracket, so worth looking for.

The process is very easy. I apologize in advance for the blurryness of some of these pictures. I took them with my cell phone since I forgot to take my camera out with me.

Step 1 remove two hex head screws from the top surface of the pocket area under the bezel. Looking up from the very bottom;

The slightly blurry cirxlish shape toward the bottom and slightly right of center is the head of the screw. There are two, one each side.

Step 2 pull very gently on the bezel starting at the bottom, be very gentle and don't pull too far, some of the wiring does not have much slack. Once all the clips come free angle forward slightly to get to the HVAC connections.

Yes that bottom cable is plugged into the rear of the 'blank' in the front of the bezel. There are a variety of clips on these connections. I was hoping to have captured them in at least one of these pictures, I apparently failed. But none of them were too complicated so I'm sure anyone doing this for themselves can handle it.

Set the bezel aside and unscrew the head unit from it's mounting bracket

One of the four already loosened in this image.

Pull it out gently and unhook the connections.

The antennae connection (image right) has a locking collar. I believe you have to pull on the collar to allow the cable to move, this was very stiff and I had to kinda push in on the cable too.

Remove the bracket.

Six screws for this, 4 obvious on the front, 2 in behind the wiring

Everything is now out.

If cutting, etc this would be the time. Otherwise install replacement bracket.

Move the HAVAC controls, little pocket thing, and the 'blank' to the new bezel

HAVAC at top had 4 screws, then 4 again in the back of the pocket. note the fake electrical connections. those with heated sets have their controls here instead.

From here reverse the removal steps

I ended up with this

Nice work! I am working on my 08 Durango with an updated stereo. It has an additional white connector harness on the factory stereo that I need to tap into. It has become a wiring nightmare. Will post pics soon....
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