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Durango hellcat performace upgrades

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Hello everyone, just wondering what has everyone done and what was the best bang for the buck when it comes to performance upgrades? I'm currently thinking about ordering a legmaker cai but wanted to do a few things other then the cai... pulleys, headers, ect? Don't want to do the exhaust yet because I'm satisfied with the sound as is and don't want it much louder.. Any input would be appreciated!
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I swear Dodge must have given all Durango programming and tuning to their reject divisions.
Dodge hates Durango owners, no doubt and they look at us as a red headed step child and likes to bitch slap us with broken software and lack of simple things such as mudflaps. WTF car maker does not have mud flaps for their vehicles, DODGE that's who.

Now back to the OP, don't mess with your rig unless you plan on racing it and need more horsepower and you don't care for your warranty
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You don't like 700HP? Go buy a dragster.
Or a Tesla Plaid. Fulgy as sin but fast as hell.
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