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2012 Dodge Durango Citadel V8
146k miles- MaxCare Warranty

I brought my Durango in for an inspection (bought march 1st). Oil leak, Manifold and Rear Main Seal. Had lifter tick and my blinker turned on the fog lights instead. Shaking at highway speeds, new tires didn’t fix the problem like suggested.

Manifold was replaced.

Brought back in for next oil leak, lifters, and fog lights. It ran terribly and had extremely loud cooling fan.
Diagnosis: Lifters, Cam, Internally Shot TIPM.

Pick up vehicle, can still hear lifters, fan still going off (got progressively worse) and within 20 minutes, lost entire electronic system.

Bring it back and now my key will not start the durango and it was stuck in their service lanes. They said my brand new tipm from Chrysler was likely faulty out of the box. Stated lifters probably caused damage to the bottom of the motor (valves etc).

I didn’t have any electronic issues other then the blinker/fog lights previously.
Can’t you tell if there’s more damage from the lifters when you change them? Or did they charge my warranty a ton when they could of just put a claim in for a motor? Also found something cracked and screw looks stripped.
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