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A tuner is one of the best bang for the buck mods you can do. With one simple tune load you can add 15+ RWHP to your vehicle. In addition changes to shift points and torque management also make the driving experience much more enjoyable! If you plan to mod your vehicle more extensively a tuner is an invaluable tool as it will allow you to take advantage of any other modifications you do!

The Trinity is one of the most advanced devices of its kind, featuring full Reflash/Reprogram capability, Advanced Data Acquisition, and Customizable Gauges-- all displayed and controlled on a color touch screen and housed in a slim, custom-styled, easy to use device. As our flagship device, it is the only single handheld device on the market that comes PRELOADED with tunes for gasoline and diesel vehicles from Ford, GM, and Dodge, all under one part number. In addition to the extensive tuning support, it?s loaded with other features like the programmable shift lights, gauge display, virtual drag strip, and data logging. Combine all this with full support for custom tuning in gasoline, and it could be the last tuner you?ll ever need for your vehicle!

•Full Color Display
•Touch Screen Interface
•Keypad Interface
•One Part Number for all Supported Applications
•Preloaded Tunes for all Supported Applications
•Free Automatic Online Updates with PC
•USB Update Cable Included
•Holds up to 5 custom tunes. Use our worldwide network of CMR tunes to step above our canned tunes
•Customizable Virtual Gauges
•Displays Data in Realtime
•Records logged data for hours
•Inputs for 2 added external sensors
•Programmable LEDs
•Virtual Drag Strip
•Diagnostic Code Reader
•Custom Tuning Compatible
•Extreme PowerPuck Controls
•Programmable LED lights. Turn the lights into a shift light or a warning light.
•30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Canned Tune options:

93 Octane Performance (Diablo Tune) - This tune is designed for use with premium 93 Octane fuel. The Performance Tune will unleash the maximum available Horsepower, Torque and Economy out of your stock vehicle with no other mods necessary! Vehicles will see a power across the entire RPM range with the greatest gains down low. Vehicle will also see improvements in drivability, throttle response, and economy. 15hp/20tq

91 Octane Performance - This tune is very similar to the Performance tune for 93 Octane but optimized for 91 Octane Premium Fuel. Vehicles will see a power across the entire RPM range with the greatest gains down low. Vehicle will also see improvements in drivability, throttle response, and economy. 13hp/15tq

87 Octane Performance - This tune is designed for use with 87 octane gasoline. It will increase HP, TQ and Fuel Economy without the need to run premium fuel in the vehicle. While HP Gains are not as great as in the 93 octane Diablotune, this tune wakes up your vehicle's throttle response, power, and improves overall driveability. 8hp/10tq

Mileage Booster - Optimizes efficiency for daily driving. Horsepower gains will be minimal, but mileage will improve by up to 3 miles-per-gallon (MPG) in some applications! Compatible with fuel that is 87 octane or greater.

Modified Stock - Works on a stock vehicle while keeping the stock horsepower (HP) and torque (TQ) values. Provides factory-style drivability while modifying the parameters of your vehicle's calibration such as speed limiters, rev limiters, tire size, and more.

Click here to order:
Diablosport Trinity Programmer

*** $599 is the Minimum Required Price by DiabloSport so that is our selling price.
*** Please Note: If you are selecting the Overnight Option for Shipping, that is Free Overnight to the US47, We can only ship ground to California. If you are a Hawaii or International Customer please contact Speedlogix for a Shipping Quote. ***
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