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Creaking noise TowNGo

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Hey everyone, since it starting to get cooler here, I've noticed a creaking noise in the back of the vehicle. Not sure if it's suspension related, but when I accelerate, the noise happens. It was a little warmer yesterday, and after awhile it stopped, but this morning it's colder and won't go away. Anyone else experience this? 2021 tow n go package.
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Check and make sure your spoiler is not rubbing your roof when the hatch opens or when it is closed.
There is a known issue with this and it will cause your spoiler to break off.
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Also check to make sure the push clips for all of your interior panels and roof trim are fully seated. They have been known to be improperly installed by the factory so something could be loose.
Yes especially the trim panel right on the top inside of the rear opening.
Dodge manufacturing installers are not very good.
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