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Comprehensive Front Spat Replacement (Those Broken/Torn Plastic Flaps Under the Front)

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I looked for a guide to replacing these and couldn't find one, so I am going to make one here for anyone wanting to know how to replace front wheel spats. I believe all Durangos with the SRT fascia have them (correct me if I'm wrong).

Mopar Part Numbers: 68299199AC, 68299198AC

~What are Front Spats? They are these (they often tear and break):

~Starting, each spat is attached with four metal rivets that will need to be drilled out. You may need to jack up the vehicle to get under there with a drill. I had the easiest time removing them by using a 7/32 drill bit and then popping the ends of the rivets off with a flathead screwdriver.
The 7/32 bit.
The drilled out rivet heads.

The broken spat. Notice the two hooks on top that slide into the fascia.

~Then, simply slide in the new spat and reapply new rivets. I did not use metal rivets, but rather some plastic removable expanding screw rivets. They are NAPA brand and are for Ford/Mazda. I'm sure metal rivets are more secure, but these plastic ones hold too tight for me to pull off, and are removable in case they break. Next time I will only need a Phillips head to remove them.

The four plastic screw rivets.

These secure the spats remarkably well, and are removable!

~After completing both sides, you're done!

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Nice right up, wish I had seen this before stumbling through the same process on my '19 R/T last week... I ended up getting the aluminum pop rivet type clips, they are remarkably secure. You'll have to update this thread if you ever have issues with your clips holding on over weeks and months.

If anyone is interested to know, I've been told these SPAT's are actually indented to guide and direct extra air towards the front brakes.
Really? Thank you! I've always wondered what the hell these are for!?! Besides looking gd ugly af...! Does that kind of explain why I have sssoooo much brake dust on the front wheels??? Thanks again!!!
Swapped out my front driver side spat yesterday. Not to hard, although drilling out the rivets is kind of a pain and messy. Be sure to wear safety glasses. Flatlander19RT's advice is spot on. 7/32 drill bit is the perfect size for drilling out the rivets. I couldn't find the exact rivet/screws that he used, but I found something similar at NAPA. Mine are slightly larger so I did have to drill out the holes some. Definitely nice to have a screw in the rivet so you can remove it without drilling out the rivets if it needs replacing again.

I'll try to post the information about the exact rivet/screws I used.
Hey ZPirate. Which screw/rivet did you use?
Thanks for this write up. Did exactly what you said and made the project easy as i couldn't get the rivets off the other day and then found this. Spats are finally back in action lol.
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Does anyone know the part number for the oem metal rivets?
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