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Your Dodge Durango is your pride and joy, and the wheels on it say a lot about you and your ride. Weathering, improper cleaning, as well as constant exposure to road hazards, take a toll on your wheels and make them look bad with time.

Perfection Wheel brand offers a simple and cost-effective solution that will save your time, money and effort - their line of high-quality refinished aluminum wheels are available at CARiD for a wide range of cars and trucks. They offer the same performance as the new ones but cost much less. Perfection wheels are remanufactured according to the highest quality standards using modern tools.

Perfection Wheel™ | Refinished Aluminum Wheels —


  • A perfect solution to enhance the appearance of your vehicle
  • Refurbished using advanced technology to ensure exceptional quality
  • Proven to meet the highest standards of performance and reliability
  • Guaranteed to offer exceptional resistance to rust and scratches
  • Made to provide excellent service for years to come

Bring back the old glory to your Durango with Perfection Wheels!​
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