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Blastin Bobs...again

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Alright guys, take it easy on me, I KNOW this has been covered already quite a few times. However, I'm hoping to find more recent answers/long term reviews, as the ones I've ran across are from older threads. Not only that, but the answers seem to vary quite a bit, which makes it a little hard to decide on which pipe diameter to get. So here's my scenario, I have a '14 R/T with a mid muffler delete. It sounds MUCH better than stock as many of you know, but it still doesn't give that deep old school muscle rumble. I've seen countless videos of R/T's with the 2.5" BB system. However, some of those owners have said that there is some in cabin drone, while others have stated that there is bare any drone. Meanwhile I've seen some with the 2.25" inch system say it's perfect, while other owners with it have said that they wish it were a little louder and they should've went with the 2.5". Now to be honest, the 2.5" sounds beautiful IMO, it's the old muscle sound that I'm looking for. But I'm worried about drone. I hardly ever turn on eco mode, so hopefully that'll keep the MDS from engaging. So I guess my question is should I just go for the 2.5" system, or play it safe with the 2.25". I'm not sure how much my mid muff delete will affect the drone created if I go with the bigger system. Thanks in advance guys.
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The wife's 2022 RT Plus came with factory 3-inch performance (Borla) exhaust. Installed an X-pipe, replaced the mufflers with resonators and 5-inch tips… it just growls old school.
Apologies for the brevity. We ordered the factory package that comes with the “performance exhaust” designed and built by Borla for Dodge. Cat back is S/S 3-inch pipe, suitcase muffler and resonators with 4-inch tips. It’s in fact the same system that comes standard on the 392, Hellcat, etc. Thanks
Okay, I can explain it to you but I can't understand it for you, please reread the previous post carefully... it’s standard equipment, from the factory on all 2022 RT Plus builds, that I modified after delivery. Tip: Go to the Dodge build site and review the specs wherein the “High Performance Exhaust” is clearly delineated in the TNG package. Failing that, there’s likely a thread in the forum addressing the topic. Thanks
How to determine pipe diameter should a tailor’s or fabric measuring tape not be available… wrap a string around the pipe, mark the point where the string touches together. Use a ruler or measuring tape to find the length between the tip of the string and the mark you made (circumference), divide the circumference by 3.14159 Cheers
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