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Blastin Bobs...again

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Alright guys, take it easy on me, I KNOW this has been covered already quite a few times. However, I'm hoping to find more recent answers/long term reviews, as the ones I've ran across are from older threads. Not only that, but the answers seem to vary quite a bit, which makes it a little hard to decide on which pipe diameter to get. So here's my scenario, I have a '14 R/T with a mid muffler delete. It sounds MUCH better than stock as many of you know, but it still doesn't give that deep old school muscle rumble. I've seen countless videos of R/T's with the 2.5" BB system. However, some of those owners have said that there is some in cabin drone, while others have stated that there is bare any drone. Meanwhile I've seen some with the 2.25" inch system say it's perfect, while other owners with it have said that they wish it were a little louder and they should've went with the 2.5". Now to be honest, the 2.5" sounds beautiful IMO, it's the old muscle sound that I'm looking for. But I'm worried about drone. I hardly ever turn on eco mode, so hopefully that'll keep the MDS from engaging. So I guess my question is should I just go for the 2.5" system, or play it safe with the 2.25". I'm not sure how much my mid muff delete will affect the drone created if I go with the bigger system. Thanks in advance guys.
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If you decide on the 2.25" version then I have a pair I will sell you.
Thank you, it has been mentally noted (y)
IMO the Borla 2.5 is a much better-sounding exhaust with zero drone.
I agree with you 1,000 percent...but unfortunately the financial responsibilities associated with having a family won't allow me to spend that much on an exhaust system right now :(
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I have the 2.25” Blastin Bobs with a Magnaflow X-pipe. There is some drone at part throttle, but basically zero at cruise. I’m happy enough with it that I won’t change unless I find a smokin deal.
Is it a significant improvement over just the mid-muff delete that I'm running now, and most importantly, does it still give that low muscle car rumble?
Maybe don't spend any money on exhaust then?
Maybe you shouldn't worry about how other adults spend their money.
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My first setup was with a standard X-pipe and the BB’s and it was WAY too raspy at high RPM. My current setup is pretty good tone wise, and I’d say it definitely has that “definitely a V8” rumble.

This is a quick audio of a warm-start and short drive with the hatch open.

Thanks man, your input is always appreciated.
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Not everyone's ears hear the you're going to get a wide range of views on what sounds good or like an old school muscle car...maybe search Youtube for some videos?
I'd bet there are quite a few here that have never even heard an old 60's/70's muscle car.
True. Of all the YouTube videos I've watched, I think the 2.5 BB res delete kit sounds the most like an old rowdy muscle car, I love it. I'm just a little concerned that may be a bit much for the kids, that and the possible drone that some mention with that setup.
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I have the 2.25's with the mids intact. Seems plenty aggressive to me & I get complements on the sound from others. There is a tiny bit of drone at low RPM's under light throttle, which can be feathered with your right foot !

I sold my OE resonators to a member who bought an R/T that had both the suitcase delete & 2.25's and he hated the sound !

I would recommend you go with the 2.5's since your suitcase is gone unless you are going for that NASCAR truck sound. You may need to add an x-pipe as well.
As others have said, sound & drone levels are very subjective !!
Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate. I already have an x-pipe where the suitcase was, & I'm not definitely not going for the NASCAR truck sound just yet lol. Did he say why hated the sound with the 2.25?
Very interested in this thread. I have the 22 RT Plus, with stock exhaust. It’s a little quiet for me. Was on the lot so I didn’t get the option of another exhaust.
Can I put the T&G exhaust, or a 3 inch system in it?
Has anyone gone with a 3inch CAT-BACK on a RT?
Dealership service answers go from hmmm to I guess so🙄.

Any assistance is appreciated 👍🏽
I'm not knowledgeable enough to advise you on a 3 inch system. But what many of us tried first is the suitcase delete, and replaced it with an X or H Pipe (I went with an X-pipe myself). You can try that first to see if it wakes it up enough for you. Its a fairly cheap mod, you can probably get it done for under $100. If that doesn't do it for you, then you can explore more extensive exhaust options. Just my .02
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