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Hi everybody,

As i mentioned in my "welcome post", i have installed an LPG installation in my 2007 Durango (4.7).
I know that it's not very popular in the US, but here, in EU i would say that 50% of petrol powered cars are bi-fueled.

Mainly because of economical reasons (LPG is half price of PB95 per litre) but also because it is more environmentally friendly.

Of course this fuel generates less power (about 10-15%) but still - it's reasonable.

I wanted to raise this topic, cause i know that you guys have some questions about LPG :)

This is my 3rd car powered by LPG (Two Cherokees XJ before) so i had some experience before.

The tank is installed underneath the car, where the spare wheel used to be. Capacity 80 litres (21,13 gallons), range ~350km (~217 miles)
Controller: STAG 300 (more: AC S.A. - Controllers - STAG-300 ISA2)

Advantages: - almost double the range, more eco, half price ride :)
Diss: - no spare wheel, 10-15% power loss, specific maintenance rules apply

I DO recommend :) If not the LPG, this car is totally out of my range in terms of "cost per km" ;)

If you have some question - just shoot. I'll be more than happy to answer.

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I used to install Propane systems on cars and trucks. Some advantages were that the oil stayed cleaner longer and the plugs would last a huge lot longer before needing to be changed (thisw was when a plug never lasted longer than 15k if you were lucky). Good to see it is still being done.
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