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111,000 miles
2014 Durango

For the past few weeks, I've noticed a small leak on the concrete below my engine when I park. I got underneath the vehicle and noticed the transmission oil pan was wet in several areas, to include where the pan meets the housing. I did my research on that issue and it seems as if leaking transmission fluid is rare in these vehicles, and the fluid is meant to last the lifetime of the vehicle. I tried to chase the leak upwards into the engine but I can't find a source. I checked fluid levels and noticed my power steering fluid is quite low. Occasionally when I turn, I hear a brief, yet distinct power steering system whine. I'm leaning towards the leak being power steering fluid. I researched that topic as well and discovered the system uses a specific type of fluid (MS- 11655). Has anybody used a dye in this power steering system? If so, was it regular leak detection dye?

Thanks in advance.
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