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Great forum guys. It has been very helpful in deciding to purchase a 2008 Durango that I picked up last night with 75,000 miles.

I have a question about the tow/haul button which I do have on the end of my gear shifter. I pulled my VIN before buying and my rig does have the tow prep package. However, I have not wiring or hitch. I am sending it in next week to a local guy that I know and specializes in hitches so I will be set. He is using the factory set up. I just have a small work trailer that I haul mulch and the ATV in also a bike rack.

So here is my question. I pressed the tow/haul mode this morning on my way up a hill to see what would happen and...nothing. No light came on and no shift. I also tried while sitting still and still no light. I searched this forum and found no one reporting any other occurrences. I thought I had checked everything on this rig before buying and I must have missed this. So could it have anything to do with not having trailer hitch or wiring on the rig? Any advise?

Also, has anyone bought an aftermarket cross bars for the cargo rack? Any recommendations. I really don't want to drop $280 for two mopar bars. I have the rack just no bars.

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