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Newb on this board. Thanks in advance for any input!

1999 Durango SLT 4WD w/ 5.2L, O/D-A/T, California model, original owner, 126K miles.

Has anyone done a catalytic converter replacement on any 4WD V8 models??

Although my Check Engine light isn't on, my fuel mileage has been getting progressively worse over the years, and it seemingly gets hot sooner than it used to when under load; I often pull a 3600 lb. tent trailer. According to the trip computer, I now average about 12.4 mpg combined, and 9 - 10 mpg or less when pulling the trailer. Not sure if it's just getting tired (like me!), or if the cat could be the culprit.

Recently found a deal ($151) I couldn't pass up on a cat:

Been doing some DIY maintenance on it - replaced both front wheel bearing assemblies with rotors & brake pads, rear pads & rotors, plugs/rotor/cap, filters, fluids... about all one can do under a shade tree these days. Also have done a trans kit and rear diff'l bearings in years past. Hoping to keep her going for a few more years, or until they start selling the Grand Cherokee EcoDiesels here again...

Neeways, it's not a weld-on cat assembly - uses muffler clamps at both ends. While I expect I'll hafta temporarily remove the muffler at rear, and twist & bang on things till the cows come home, I'm not sure if the old one will pull out through/between what's nearby, and the new one go in, without removing the crossbar at the back of the trannny. If anyone with experience in this particular dirty job wants to chime in, I'd really appreciate it.


San Jose, CA
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