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Ok I really need help. 140,000 98 Dodge Durango was running fine one night and then the next day would not start. It makes a noise that it wants to start like the motor is craking but it just wont. When we jump it it started. So we got a new battery. That did not work it would barely start and die a couple seconds later. So then we had it towed to a friends house so he could look at it. We changed the plugs (which were rusted), the cap, and the rotor(which was pretty burnt) After that it started barely, and then died. jumped it again and ran rough. Smoke coming out of exhaust and the truck was shaking. Got it home turned it off and would not start again. Rechecked plugs just to make sure they were in the correct order all that was good.A friend ran the code reader on the truck and got p0300, p0303, p0304, p0306. Catalytic converter, evap sensor, and o2 sensor. which then he started thinking computer since it was throwing out so many codes.

Please if anyone can help, advice, or has had similar problems. I am so frustrated. This is my family vehicle to take the kids to school and to work. Luckily I have an awesome mom to lend me her truck but I love my durango.

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