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2024+ Durango (Next Gen) Rumors

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Dealer told me the next gen DD will be based on Jeep Wagoneer, which is obviously a larger vehicle with a standard I-6. He said it will be toned down some, luxury-wise, to come in lower than the $90k starting price on the JGW.
Has anyone else heard these rumors or have any updates on the future for the DD?

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The 10" FUconnect radio system will work flawlessly and never need an update. Well you did say a RUMOR :ROFLMAO: (Just for you Vice)
Wish my ‘21 worked flawlessly. My problem is in the regional guys hands. That’s 5h3 good news, bad news is that he has 9 states and just got off 6 weeks paternity leave. 🤦🏻
Too bad that don't make a V6 Hurricane. It's a slant 6 with a starboard list!
My Bad, got typing and a brain fart. Still, I would seriously entertain an I6 in a current generation Durango or even a Grand Cherokee. For several years Dodge and Jeep have been on top with their performance, this change to be like everyone else and lame performance depresses me.
Inline 6 motors are great, easy to work on and put out some TQ.
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Yes if your a twin turbo Supra lol lol

Maybe with Dodges euro pedigree they can do a solid I6 but I wouldn’t hold my breath.
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