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2023 Durango Ordering Thread

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Havent seen an official 23 ordering thread so figured Id start one.

What did you order, Trim, Sub-trim, Options
When did you place your order with your dealer?
What is your current Order status.
What is your current Completion estimate date

Ill go first
23' Durango RT Plus, with blacktop package and TowNgo, Vita grey interior
Nov 7, 2022
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2023 392-SRT full load Premium Group AND darn happy with the tow package and every other option included, because I would have included most of it anyway. Diamond Black, accepted the Red Interior. Ordered in October, VIN received, D status.

If available I would have ordered a Frostbite Blue, and Sepia leather (as two Hellcats I have ordered and my GC are), I already own two vehicles that are Octane Red, don’t want white, hate that whatever grey, so I only had one choice. But can’t wait for “later” delivery than what may happen anyway.

First post here, but many know me from other popular Mopar Forums. Challenger Talk and Hellcats (both)!:love:
Was all set to pull the trigger on the same trim as you in Destroyer Gray with the Black Package as well, but couldn’t get past the red seats. Ended up passing for now, and waiting to see if you can have a black interior in the coming months. Big let down for me.
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Touched base with my dealer here in Los Angeles today. 2023 SRT 392 base trim is still not available to order yet.
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Getting happier by the day I decided to just keep my '18 and not order a new 392 or Hellcat.

The only way to order the 3rd row delete is to get a base model, which is fine but you give up the leather seats & upgraded interior + no factory tow pkg.
As most anticipated, appears they will make few (if any) base models.
There is no 'real' spare, just the crappy run flats and they ARE crappy !!
You get leather on the 2 upscale versions, but red only + the sunroof (like/want it or not).

Move along, nothing to see here .....................
absolutely no discussion has come out that few or no base models will be built. Rather, it is more likely that Dodge is building trims in a particular order to streamline production.
Actually, someone from steal-antics did say early on base model builds will be on the bottom of the pile & that it is likely not every order will be filled.
Much depends on just how many of the more expensive ones get ordered & how the parts supply for the options hold up. My bet would be they will build the optioned up ones till they run out of time or parts & then will start on the base builds.

Time will tell ......................
Do you recall where you heard/read that? I’ve been following ‘23 Durango developments extremely closely and do not recall that whatsoever.
I distinctly remember reading it as I was considering ordering a base at the time and it was one of the bits of info that caused me to pullback.
Can't for the life of me recall who said it or where I ran across it :rolleyes: guess I'm getting old & stupid !
Boy, I will be pissed if after waiting months and months, an order window on the base never opens. My predicament is solely because Dodge has stupidly made the red seats mandatory on the higher trims. Had they given us a choice on black, I'd have had a Premium trim on order back in October... :mad:
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My dealer already has two "base" GT's sitting on his lot. Both only have two options listed, which is pretty base to me anyway.
We’re talking about the SRT 392, with which the base model has not been made available to order yet.
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Okay, if you’re not seated, please do so before continuing and take a deep breath. Now one may or may not believe this story but every shred of it is true. And I sincerely hope by spotlighting this anomaly, I do not jinx the process. The order was placed Dec. 27 ’22, went into production Feb. 6 ’23 with an EDD of Mar. 18. This information comes from my tracking the progress on-line via the dodge portal and accompanying text alerts from same. This being the third new (ordered) vehicle purchased from this dealer in as many years, I was stunned and amazed when I answered the phone and was greeted by my salesman, Brian. He says “I just wanted to touch base and let you know your SRT is in JS status.” After regaining my composure, I thanked him during a brief conversation that ended with, “you’re welcome and feel free contacting me anytime.” Now I’m 65, been through a lot of cars and dealerships, internationally and domestic, and this has NEVER happened! Maybe he found Jesus, who knows? Pics to follow…
what is JS status?
For all you guys in my boat waiting for the base trim SRT 392 to become available for BTO, I just received a response to a message I sent to Dodge inquiring as to when the order banks will open:

“The 2023 Dodge Durango SRT model vehicle is noted as a late availability configuration. Ordering for this configuration has not yet opened and we would be unable to speculate on future order timing.”

that’s all they gave me…
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Okay, peeps who have been waiting to order the SRT 392 in base trim with the black seats, my guy at Shaver Dodge in Thousand Oaks, California says the order banks will open up on Monday. He got this info from corporate. I intend to call him, and if true, go in to place an order for a Destroyer Gray SRT with Blacktop Package, Lightweight Performance Package and the Pirelli P Zeros. Will let you all know if it happens.
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Okay, for you guys who've been waiting like me, I was finally able to order an SRT 392 in base trim today.

  • Destroyer Gray
  • Black Suede and leather seats
  • Black Package
  • Lightweight Performance Package
  • Pirelli P-Zeros

Pissed I can't order the sunroof, Harmon-Kardon and Premium Interior Group, but at least I don't have to live with those red seats.

Order away, boys. No telling how long the window will remain open.

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Ok we ordered 1 day apart, but I did not get lightweight.. lets see who wins this race !!
My guess would be that you'll receive yours first, but we'll just have to wait and see. When I get my VON I'll plug it in the the Dodge tracker site and let you know what my ETA is.
just a word of advice, the website is a little bit delayed, your dealer has more info. i think the website only updates twice a week. I just went through this for my wife wagoneer and my TowNGo 23 durango `RT
good to know. Thx.
wow..that makes zero sense. I have seen 3 guys with 23s with red that doesnt have the red dash and my 23 RT TNG didnt have the gray piece.. maybe its premiums only ?
it’s my understanding that Premium SRTs get the red on the dash, but the Plus models do not.
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It will be interesting to see how my base model’s dash will look. Could be black suede on the lower portion, or, most likely, black leather. The dash top is definitely just the injection molded material.
its interesting because you are correct with the differences but my car has the SRT red brembro brakes with the Plus model lol. Maybe the red is the "premium hand wrapped instrument panel"? that sounds more like the speedometer and stuff but idk.
All SRT Durangos have red Brembos. The Premium SRTs have two piece Brembo brakes. Yours doesn’t. 👍🏻
I got my VON and VIN and am in D status. hows yours looking ?
I’ll call my dealer later today to see if my details are in
I got my VON and VIN and am in D status. hows yours looking ?
My guy isn't in until Monday. Will call him then about my status.
You have extra mileage on your Durango because you have stripes. Stripes are done off site at GFX Warren and the vehicles are driven there and back (nearly 40 miles round trip).

There is a decent amount of difference between the standard dash on the Base and Plus Trims and the PUR wrapped dash with silver stitching on the Premium Trim. Not to mention the carbon fiber accents and Demonic Red bolsters on the dash and center console.

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Sorry, what is PUR?
I got my VON and VIN and am in D status. hows yours looking ?
So I got my VON but it's not working when I plug it into the Vehicle Tracking page on the Dodge website. Yours is working?
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I got my VON and VIN and am in D status. hows yours looking ?
Ah, my VON is working now. I'm simply at the "order confirmation" stage. Will check my status daily, naturally.
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