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2023 Durango Ordering Thread

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Havent seen an official 23 ordering thread so figured Id start one.

What did you order, Trim, Sub-trim, Options
When did you place your order with your dealer?
What is your current Order status.
What is your current Completion estimate date

Ill go first
23' Durango RT Plus, with blacktop package and TowNgo, Vita grey interior
Nov 7, 2022
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My local dealer here in Charleston, WV already has two 2023 RT's on his lot. From the looks of it 23 is going to be a much better production year than 2022 was. Mine will be 11 months by the time we take delivery if we can get things worked out.
My dealer already has two "base" GT's sitting on his lot. Both only have two options listed, which is pretty base to me anyway.
We’re talking about the SRT 392, with which the base model has not been made available to order yet.
Oooops , sorry
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Did your build sheet showed up before the window sticker? I just checked and mine populated, but no window sticker as yet. Still showing in production stage.

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Funny mine was just the opposite...
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I dig the hood on the 300. I'm in line for a 2023 300C but not trading the Durango. Looks great and always fun to get a new ride.
You got the very best bang for the buck deal IMO of all the final editions...
Okay, peeps who have been waiting to order the SRT 392 in base trim with the black seats, my guy at Shaver Dodge in Thousand Oaks, California says the order banks will open up on Monday. He got this info from corporate. I intend to call him, and if true, go in to place an order for a Destroyer Gray SRT with Blacktop Package, Lightweight Performance Package and the Pirelli P Zeros. Will let you all know if it happens.
Please let me know if the lightweight gets accepted...
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Love the White and Blue!
Which trim? Here is my ‘23 (Premium). I see it is different than his.
View attachment 125716
Looks just like my 2022.
That was super quick shipping, mine took three weeks and was also shipped to VA. Mine sat at the rail yard 3 days, then on the train, then 4 more days from the rail yard in Baltimore to Vienna, VA.
So I guess my question is does your dealer have an allocation? Can they prove it? When I ordered my 2022 one of the first things I got with my VON was approval from Dodge was that my dealer had an available allocation.
Don't get too excited just yet but they have been pumping them out, not like last year at all. Anyway, mine was originally scheduled for June but actually got built in December so there's that...
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