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2023 DD SRT order updates?

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Anybody who ordered 2023 SRT's getting any updates from their dealers? Crickets from mine...order "placed" on November 30th-ish.

Was told 4-6 months...just wondering if anyone has any other news....
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That would be the paint pricing.
I am aware that the $395 is what is charged for most paint options but the first page clearly states "MSRP Starting At" showing an increase of $395. I have attached another 2nd page with White Knuckle (zero paint charge) and the 'old' base price. With the Dodge website, anything can be true. At this point, I have no idea what the base price is - just thought I would post the two different base prices on the website today.

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Well, is supposedly has been shipped:

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But, apparently is has not yet been built. LOL. so I guess the dealer will be receiving something like this:

Wheel Tire Hood Automotive tire Vehicle

LOL. I guess the PDI guys will be a bit busy......
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Odd...its also missing the "Delivered" stage at the end.... I recall my "Delivered" was still TBD after I brought it home and it was sitting on my driveway.... :p
I ordered a base SRT and it hasnt moved from D yet. I heard the base srts are late availability so that sucks for me.
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My SRT base goes into production on 5/10
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