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2023 DD SRT order updates?

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Anybody who ordered 2023 SRT's getting any updates from their dealers? Crickets from mine...order "placed" on November 30th-ish.

Was told 4-6 months...just wondering if anyone has any other news....
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If you have your VON and your Vin you can go to and then select owners, then order tracking. Enter your information and you will see your status.
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Well, to update my own thread....Got a VIN today. In "D" status, so no dates available. I guess once it moves to D1 things happen quickly.

Crap. Now I gotta figure out what I am gonna do with my 2019. I wonder if my wife will let me keep both. After all, they will be different colors.....:)
Not really sir mine was in D1 for 9 months...
So I hate to hi-jack this thread but has ANYONE successfully ordered the light weight package for a 23 model? If so please let me know so I can hate on you while you wait for your light weight to be delivered LOL...
Ordered the red with mine, first time ever but we are pleased with it.
I assume that you meant to be funny but you have hit upon the truth. Dodge has many parts/accessories to get rid of before the new Durango next year. If they sell too many base models, Dodge will be stuck with all those extra sunroofs or whatever. If people go ahead with the red leather so they can get the HK sound system (for example) and then Dodge runs out of the HKs, all they will get is a credit. Perhaps.

Personally, all I want is the base model but I have a feeling it will never be allowed for sale. I hope I am wrong...
I will start holding my breath right now for the credit for my spare tire deletion...
I have never regretted my red interior. It was done tastefully and have enjoyed it. Not to mention all the positive comments I get from people when they see it.
Everyone at my wife's workplace really liked the Red interior with the Octane Red exterior. We like it but to each their own...
So is the Red Dash Pad back for 2023? Still trying to find out if anyone has been successful in getting the lite weight package ordered and accepted.
I am excited to see if it is the same Red/Black interior as what is in my 22. Mine was finished on 12/27 so right before the model year change over right after the new year.
Another update: delivery now estimated at March 20th. Perfect. I think I will be out of town on a business trip....
I would not put to much faith on what you are seeing on the Website nor did my dealer know or so they said just all of a sudden I get an email saying "hey guess what?? Your Durango has arrived!" that was a week prior to what was printed on the website.
Exact same interior in my 2022 that was built on 12/27/22.
Same thing in 2022... nothing to see here, keep moving... I tried for two weeks talking to folks at both Dodge Cares and SRT Customer Support as to why I could not get the light weight package added to my 2022 SRT build. They finally came back with some lame answer that the light weight was discontinued when the Jeep left JNAP?? What?? So now fast forward to 2023 and the option back on the site. And don't get me started on the whole spare tire deal...
Does anyone know what type of material this is? I am so happy I stuck it out waiting for my 22 to be built, I know it was a model-year-old when we took delivery but we kept our 2012 SRT Jeep for almost ten years and plan to do the same with the Durango.
This is true, but the Hellcat was a "one-off" in 2021 and is a "one-off" in 2023. the Durango SRT 392, which is what I am talking about, had a base MSRP in 2019 of $62,995; in 2023 the base MSRP is $70,690. 10-12% price increase in 4 model years is not, IMO, a significant increase compared to the rest of the market. The fact that you can't buy one for $70,690, and that you have to spend (if you can get one) ~$77K for a Plus or ~$83K for a Premium, is how they get ya....
It is actually not that bad my 2022 stickered for $82,440 it is pretty loaded but I did not add second row consol or the upgraded brakes or stripes.
Lighter colors like white and silver result in faster cars. You see, darker colors absorb photons and thus make the cars heavier and slower. Lighter colors (and especially lighter metallics) like white and silver reflect photons and the cars are thus lighter and faster. And, in some cases, the reflected photons can actually give a slight forward "push" to SUV's due to the increased painted surface area of the liftgate, resulting in even more speed.

That's my story and I'm sticking with it! :devilish::alien::cool::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::geek:
Plum Crazy Purple has completely debunked this theory, go and check it out you will see I am correct.
You guys are all so lame... I waited 10 months and three weeks...
If not too late, I STRONGLY recommend NOT undercoating it.....
Interesting may I ask why?
It has been know that if the surface is not properly prepped or if the coating isn't applied correctly, water can get between the surface and coating. Or the coating can block body drain holes.
WE had our Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT for 10 years and it was my wife's DD and saw plenty of salt in that 10-year time period. It was garage kept and I was religious about keeping it clean even in the winter. There was zero rust on the under side when we traded it in.
Received a call today from my dealer salesman that the order bank had opened for the base model 2023 DD SRT 392!

I went down there to order it in Vapor Gray. Unfortunately (for me) only the 2022 colors could be ordered - Destroyer Gray, white, red, black. I asked the manager to confirm that was he looking at the 2023 colors. Yes.

I walked out.
What the heck??? Just like 2022, no lightweight package even though it is listed on the option sheet. we did get bamboozled. When I ordered my 2023 in late November, all the local dealers (Northern Virginia) assured me that they had limited allocations and were going to sell every single one (well I spoke to about 4 dealers; 2 of them told me that their allocations were all sold already, and the other 2 were looking for well above MSRP). I negotiated down to MSRP, and felt like I got a deal. If they are now accepting orders for base models....there must be allocations left.....:-(
I think once they had sufficient orders to make the more profitable high optioned models their attention is now on looking at available parts inventory and cleaning out these part bins. If I was in charge of the P&L and my bonus was tagged to getting the most out of what I had to work with this is what I would be doing. Remember, this is it for JNAP, they would really like to have as much gone as possible before they turn off the lights sometime the week of 12/22/2023.
Okay, for you guys who've been waiting like me, I was finally able to order an SRT 392 in base trim today.

  • Destroyer Gray
  • Black suede and leather seats
  • Black Package
  • Lightweight Performance Package
  • Pirelli P-Zeros

Pissed I can't order the sunroof, Harmon-Kardon and Premium Interior Group, but at least I don't have to live with those red seats.

Order away, boys. No telling how long the window will remain open.
Congrats... I can't wait to see your Lightwieght Package, I tried so hard to order this for my 2022 DDSRT...
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