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Maybe the other colors didn't get posted on the Fact Sheet by accident? Who knows 🤔
Both the 2022 Challenger and 2022 Charger will be offering 13 colors each per the Stellantis fact sheet. It seems odd to only offer 4 colors for the Durango. Perhaps the author of the 2022 Stellantis Durango fact sheet neglected to mention that those 4 colors are the standard no-cost choices.

The 2021 build sites for the Challenger and Charger each have 14 colors offered and all of them are no-cost. The 2021 build site for the Durango has 11 colors offered but only 3 of them are at no-cost.

So it could be likely that the 4 colors offered for the 2022 Durango are the only colors at no extra charge and the 'premium' colors will be announced later when the specifications are finally released.

EDIT: Just viewed the 2021 Stellantis Durango fact sheet from 8/31/20 and all 11 colors that were listed eventually appeared when officially available for sale. Still hoping that the 2022 fact sheet only listed the standard no-cost colors and that there will be others, at extra cost, to choose from. Otherwise the only explanation, for whatever reason, is that Dodge does not want to sell too many Durangos.
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