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2021 DD Uconnect 5C 10.1" System Issues/Glitches (Share your experiences)

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I figured I would start this thread to see what issues people are running into. I'm sure many of these will be worked out quickly but wanted to see is others are having the same issues I am.

1) Yesterday, my screen became completely unresponsive. It would not acknowledge any screen touches. This went on for 5 minutes and continued after a reboot of the system. Eventually it just started working on its own again. It started when my apple car play started up.

2) Performance pages are glitchy. They seem to crash when I select the certain performance page I want to view. Without fail, the G Force page crashes and reverts to the home page every time I click on it.

3) I am unable to add more than one profile. I called Uconnect and they said an update will be pushed out soon to add up to 5 profiles. Is everyone having this issue?

4) Screen not dimming when headlights are on while using apple carplay. It seems like its on full bright even when headlights are on only when on the car play screen.
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So holy crap now I am really going to have to stay in tune with all you tech guys on here. We have the newest version coming on our 22 we have on order. My wife is going to kill me. Our 2012 Jeep SRT has been solid with nom issues the 9 years we have owned it.
When you get upgraded to 17.89, it could take a few weeks to get the OTA update to 17.99
Do you think they will leave the factory with the lastest upgrade or will that need to be done when we take delivery?
On a related topic how many of you are going to pay to keep your U Connet features once the trial period runs out? I see on 2021, 2022's it is now down to 6 months. it was one year when we bought our 2019 Charger Hellcat. I was hoping I could find a "bundle deal" for two cars but nothing out there.
So here is a question for all you folks that have experience in this matter... My 2022 DDSRT is FINALLY going to be scheduled to be built in the coming weeks. Once we take delivery sometime in late July or early August can you request the dealer to make sure you have the latest version before we drive it off the lot??
I just pray my 2022 which is currently being built does not come to us with all these issues. This thread really wants me to re-think if I really want the DDSRT or not. If you had to do it all over again would you still buy the DD or would you pass?
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My Durango is in for the medium heat setting plus other issues as well. I had a good talk with the service writer so let's see what happens
Please keep us advised of the outcome!
My 21 gt+ has the missing med setting. Just hi and low, but switch shows 3. It's seriously dumb of dodge to do this, but it doesn't bother me. Just another stupid thing though. This is my 1st and last dodge.
You can go and buy a Caddy and have the same issue my Aunt's 22 is still not fixed after 3 trips to the dealer...
We have had our Durango all of two weeks come this Saturday. So yesterday Sirus stopped working, any advice on how to get it to start working again?
I had to hold down power button for radio and let it hard restart and it recognized my account after that.
So by pure magic started the DDSRT this morning and there was Sirus just like nothing had ever happened... Our 2014 Dodge Challenger with all it's old tech 730N Nav and Stereo has never missed a beat in 8 years of ownership. We updated the system with the CD you pay $100.00 for last year and all is good. Our 21 Superstock has the old 8.4 system and so far has been perfect. What the heck??
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Sat radio went out again today... I don't know if this is related to the FU Connect or not but it is the second time we have lost the sat radio in a month...
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