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2021 DD Uconnect 5C 10.1" System Issues/Glitches (Share your experiences)

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I figured I would start this thread to see what issues people are running into. I'm sure many of these will be worked out quickly but wanted to see is others are having the same issues I am.

1) Yesterday, my screen became completely unresponsive. It would not acknowledge any screen touches. This went on for 5 minutes and continued after a reboot of the system. Eventually it just started working on its own again. It started when my apple car play started up.

2) Performance pages are glitchy. They seem to crash when I select the certain performance page I want to view. Without fail, the G Force page crashes and reverts to the home page every time I click on it.

3) I am unable to add more than one profile. I called Uconnect and they said an update will be pushed out soon to add up to 5 profiles. Is everyone having this issue?

4) Screen not dimming when headlights are on while using apple carplay. It seems like its on full bright even when headlights are on only when on the car play screen.
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I think you turn off the profile linked to fob setting, and that shouldnt happen with the seats moving.....I only have 2 profiles, so I cant say for sure if it is glitched or not....
Holy hell, where is the setting to turn off profiles linked to key fobs?!? I DON'T WANT profiles. I will hit the button on the door to change the stored seat positions, but my wife and I have the same options otherwise. I refuse to re-enter all my radio / xm stations and options just to create a duplicate profile that takes 30 seconds to load.
This newest update that I got sent to me on a USB is irritating beyond belief.
I don’t recall the exact page, but when you edit a profile, you can choose between seat memory position 1, 2, or off. You’ll need to edit each profile if you have more than one.
Unfortunately, "None" is greyed out on mine. I checked both profiles, and it was the same in each one. :(

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Just adding my 2 cents.
My Uconnect Box needs servicing every couple weeks, and wireless Carplay is constantly popping / dropping the connection. It seems like it happens when I drive under power lines, since it happens every single time in one particular spot that there are power lines going right across the road.
I'm on 17.99-PROD and when I last brought it in, the dealer had no idea what to do when I asked if there was an update. Just straight up said they can't help with that, and I need to contact Dodge directly. Nice.
I gotta say, I really miss my Ford days when you could sideload firmware updates long before they were released to the public, as they became available on the forums much earlier.
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