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2021 DD Uconnect 5C 10.1" System Issues/Glitches (Share your experiences)

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I figured I would start this thread to see what issues people are running into. I'm sure many of these will be worked out quickly but wanted to see is others are having the same issues I am.

1) Yesterday, my screen became completely unresponsive. It would not acknowledge any screen touches. This went on for 5 minutes and continued after a reboot of the system. Eventually it just started working on its own again. It started when my apple car play started up.

2) Performance pages are glitchy. They seem to crash when I select the certain performance page I want to view. Without fail, the G Force page crashes and reverts to the home page every time I click on it.

3) I am unable to add more than one profile. I called Uconnect and they said an update will be pushed out soon to add up to 5 profiles. Is everyone having this issue?

4) Screen not dimming when headlights are on while using apple carplay. It seems like its on full bright even when headlights are on only when on the car play screen.
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CarPlay just stopped today. Same phone works fine in my Jeep with a Sony CarPlay deck.

The other day, the screen in the Durango just went black.

Yeah, time for an update. Not cool.

2021 Durango Citadel AWD, 3.6
Driving around all day running errands, using wireless CarPlay, come home, then leave for dinner, and CarPlay is non-functional. Device Manager shows it attempting to connect, and the phones both show a Bluetooth connection, but nothing. Switch to SiriusXM. Come out after dinner, again, Bluetooth connected, no CarPlay. Delete one of the phones from uConnect, delete uConnect from the phone, re-pair, still no joy.

How does some something so fundamentally broken get put into production? And worse, with still no fix?

2021 Durango Citadel AWD, 3.6
I am the owner of a 21 Citadel which I purchased 8 weeks ago. I also can not add more than one profile. I have put in a complaint to Chrysler about the profiles on the uconnect. They called me and said they are aware of the problem and will close out my ticket. I got annoyed because I see it as closing out my ticket was saying you are washing your hands with the problem. They did say that there will be an update......still waiting for that update
I actually see that as a good sign that there will be an update. Baffling why it’s taking so long, but still.

If they just took the report or said it was operating as currently designed, then I’d be upset.

2021 Durango Citadel AWD, 3.6
from dodge cares DM;

However, I think it's important for you to know that due to a specification from Apple, CarPlay is no longer able to be used from the center console or rear USB ports. This change was made from software application level IR22.5 and is applied to any higher software levels. Although we do not have control over this configuration, you are more than welcome to submit feedback on Apple's website.

Is dodge legit going to blame this on Apple??
They don’t have control over their own hardware?

2021 Durango Citadel AWD, 3.6
It's not hardware, it is a software licensing issue.
Sounds more like the agent is misinformed.

CarPlay has requirements for USB port capabilities, but there’s no restriction imposed by Apple beyond that (per their developer documentation). I also read a note that suggests if there are multiple USB ports in the vehicle, but some don’t support the necessary data rates, they should be marked as such.

2021 Durango Citadel AWD, 3.6
Here’s a new one.

Listening to SiriusXM (built-in, not the app). My wife’s iPhone is connected via wireless CarPlay, but CarPlay isn’t in use. When she goes to Facebook’s notifications area, the audio mutes on the dash/upper door speakers for a bit, then eventually returns. She views some posts, returns to notifications, audio’s muted again. I was driving at the time, so I’m not certain which speakers kept playing, but it did appear to continue playing out of the lower front door speakers and rear speakers.

She reports it also happens with AM and FM.

What a mess.

2021 Durango Citadel AWD, 3.6
Here is the spell check error…

View attachment 115769

“NO FLIES” ???
It’s just telling you that of the bugs it does have, flies aren’t one of them.

Oddly specific…

2021 Durango Citadel AWD, 3.6
Just got a call from my daughter, riding with my wife.

There is now NO AUDIO at all.

Changed sources from CarPlay to FM, AM, SiriusXM, nothing. Shut the truck off and started it up, nothing.

She then used CarPlay to give directions, and Siri actually came across the speakers. When she did, there was also audio playing in the background. As soon as Siri stopped talking, silence.

This would be unacceptable in a $16k vehicle. At >$50k, it’s idiotic.
Just love the fact that the Uconnect website doesn't work worth a crap unless you're running Internet Explorer, despite actually popping up a window that says it's no longer supported. Neither Edge, Chrome, nor Firefox work either. Only IE seems to be able to fully navigate. That certainly doesn't give me much hope that they have any clue what they are doing with an ANDROID based system.
I’m less than thrilled that uConnect is built on an OS from a company whose business model could best be described as a large part of the “surveillance economy”.

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Anyway, after shutting the truck completely off again, locking it, letting it sit for a while (likely not much of a factor), unlocking it, and starting it back up again, the FM tuner came on immediately, and audio was back.

I shut it down again, brought the phone to the truck, started it again, and the truck’s display was totally black. No Dodge/Alpine logo, nothing. After a few seconds, I pressed the power button on the volume knob a few times, the display then came to life, got the Dodge/Alpine logos, and it worked as it had been before this last issue.

Not confident it’s fine, as I’ve had a black display in the past (for quite a bit longer), but at least it’s up and running for now.
Update from DodgeCares as of today. Still seems on schedule for the end of the month.

Good afternoon,

I appreciate your honesty and completely respect your decision to wait for an update. As for the next software update, it will be version R17.73 (for the Durango), and is on track for a projected release date by the end of June 2021. This update will be released as a Customer Satisfaction Notice (CSN), and customers will receive a USB to do the update themselves.

Let me know if you have any other questions that I can look into for you!

Have a great day,

Dodge Cares
That it’ll come on a USB stick to customers is nice.

Suggests it’s a big one, and not surprising, given the number of things folks have run into so far.
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I think Uconnect was initally Panasonic in a collaboration with Mopar...

Here is a link that leads me to that conclusion

But the Uconnect5 stuff seems to be either Mitsubishi Electric or Harman/Samsung... this is actually a decent article:

Courtesy of MOTORTREND

What a mess.
At least I now know who to blame for the disorganized, train wreck of a UI: Gamers and HMI “specialists” at Carnegie Melon.
My wife’s been getting “key has left vehicle” messages while driving lately. Replaced the battery, no change.

I’ve not had it with my key, but I don’t drive it nearly as often as she does. Going to swap keys and see if it changes, could just be a bad key.
Maybe it's my phone that is contributing to issues then, I'm using a note 10+ right now. I have noticed any audio that is playing from Sirius to fm gets interrupted when locking or unlocking my phone.
Sounds similar to when my wife’s iPhone is unmuted, and an app makes a sound - the audio in the driver’s side door speakers is muted for a few seconds, even if the source is AM/FM/SiriusXM.
Just got a call from my wife.

She got in, started it up, and the screen was blank. She was calling to let me know about it, and by doing so, it came on.

How is it possible or something so completely broken in so many ways made it into production?
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Anyone else having issues with their cell phone getting hot while charging on the wireless charger to the point that it’s so hot the charger no longer charges it (red light flashing on the charging pad)? Or is it just me and my Galaxy S9 (that works fine on every other wireless charging pad I charge it on)?
Haven’t had that one, thankfully.
It happened to me last december, I have stated in another post. Crowded place does affect wireless carplay. And even if you connect with cable your phone, it will still be wireless carplay. I figured out when I saw it was still connected to wifi even when wired.

BTW, since we do not have any updates on the software, should we start a android vs apple debates?
It could be either USB or wireless, depending on timing:

tl;dr: When the phone is connected via USB, CarPlay will use whichever comes alive first - wireless or USB.
Got in ours on Friday, started it up, and no CarPlay button in the bottom row. A few minutes later, my wife’s phone connected, and CarPlay fired up.

Went into the device manager, and my phone was gone. Wife and son’s were there, but not mine. Nobody deleted it, it just disappeared. On the phone, I could still see the entry for it in Settings > General > CarPlay, so it’s just the UConnect side.

Re-added it, and it works again.

Success was short-lived.

While it was in device manager tonight, it refused to connect wirelessly. Multiple attempts, nothing but messages to make sure CarPlay was enabled on the phone (or something to that effect - was too angry to bother capturing it).

Plugged in a USB cable, and was then prompted to connect.

Seriously. Was there any QA testing on this?
New weirdness.

I turned on the camera when not in reverse. Turned it off again.

Now, after switching back from reverse to drive, it takes a REALLY long time to turn off. As in, you’re driving forward for a bit before it finally does.

What a mess this thing is.

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